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Our First Video Podcast! “What’s Behind the Head Covering Movement?”

So this “head covering movement thing” — what’s it all about? Find out the specifics you’ve been wanting to know in this conversation with HCM Co-Directors David and Jessica. You will also hear about how each of them first came to believe that head covering is for today and became involved with HCM.

>>We now have an official Head Covering Movement Podcast on Spotify!<<

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HCM Update: Second Quarter of 2024

Greetings to the worldwide members of the Head Covering Movement!

We hope this year has been going well for you!

We’d like to provide an update about what the HCM Team members have been working on lately, and today seems like an appropriate day to do that.  So without further ado…


David (Co-Director):  By popular demand, David has decided to take a leave of absence in order to start the Head Uncovering Movement for men, especially aimed at male worship leaders who wear ball caps or beanies while singing to the Lord. He’ll also be focusing on the spiritual issues (non-legalistically, of course) behind men wearing skinny jeans and/or pink ties, but is still searching for proof-text passages to use for that.


Jennifer (Facebook Moderator):  At her own invitation, Jennifer has graciously accepted the position of “HCM Matchmaker” for our HCM Facebook Group.  Her focus will be on the women and men who just “happen” to casually note that they’re single, usually mentioned somewhere within their first (and second and third) post. Her services are free for the first 3 months, but matches that end in marriage will require a mandatory freewill donation. Read more

Introducing: The Covering Counselor

Here at the Head Covering Movement, we’ve started something new! In addition to our regular content, we’re adding some head covering poster art: “Engaging Advice in Just 4 Frames.”

These graphics (example below) are posted on our Facebook page, our Facebook Community Group, and our Instagram profile every Saturday.

Or, you can find them all on our website here.

If you have any ideas for new poster art, you’re welcome to share them through this form. We would love to get your input!

As always, if you want more detailed information on practical head covering issues, we recommend that you browse through our articles.

“A Symbol & A Prayer”

On the Head Covering Movement, we’ve posted an abundance of articles, videos, sermons, and other information we believe will be helpful to HCM’s followers — but for the first time, we have something a little different: a head covering poem meant to inspire and encourage you!

We hope you enjoy this creative writing project, submitted anonymously by someone who has been devoted to the head covering practice for many years.

Below the poem are options to download it in 4 different styles. You can save the poem as a picture file (easier for viewing & posting) or as a PDF file (easier for printing).  The author grants permission for you to share it with friends, post it on social media, print it as a wall-hanging, or use it however you’d like.  You can also download one (large) PDF file containing all four styles by clicking here.

Read more

“What About Head Coverings?” (Bright Hearth)

Bright Hearth is a podcast devoted to recovering the lost arts of homemaking and the productive Christian household with Brian and Lexy Sauvé.

In this episode, Brian and Lexy discuss one of the most frequently asked questions about marriage, submission, and the interplay of men and women in the church: Should women wear head coverings today? What is 1 Corinthians 11 all about?

Click above to hear the podcast on YouTube, or listen on Spotify

Visit the Bright Hearth Podcast for more listening options

Just the FAQ’s: Top 10 Head Covering Questions and Answers

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve finally put together a list of the top questions (and concerns!) that we often hear about head covering — along with solid, biblical answers!

As you look through the list, you may find a topic you yourself have often wondered about. Many links are provided throughout to facilitate further study, if desired.

Click here to see all 10 questions and answers!

Meet the New Co-Directors of the Head Covering Movement

Jeremy Gardiner, founder of the Head Covering Movement, recently announced that he’s stepping down as Director. In his leadership transition statement, he introduced us – Jessica Roldan and David Phillips – as the new Co-Directors. Read more

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