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The Head Covering Movement Community Group (Facebook)

The HCM Community Group

Today we are announcing the launch of the HCM Community Group (on Facebook). You can join the group here.

This group has two purposes.

First, it is a digital community for support and encouragement for all who consider themselves part of the head covering movement. Feel free to share photos of yourself wearing a head covering, web content (memes, videos etc.), stories from your life, or anything else related to head covering and/or biblical manhood and womanhood.

Second, this is meant to be a place for respectful discussion (and debate) among Christians as to what the Bible teaches about head covering and gender roles. Disagreement is welcome as long as it is done respectfully.

One of the things we have done poorly thus far is community building. We failed to gather everyone in one place where you could build relationships with one-another and set the conversation. This group is our attempt to do better and we hope you will join it and make it a positive place for our online community to dialog and fellowship.

HCM Re-Launch: Feb 1, 2019

On February 1st, 2019, the Head Covering Movement will be re-launched. We have a team of people that will be dedicated to managing various aspects of the site as well as content creation.

Stay tuned as during the next few weeks we’ll be introducing the new team to you. We’ll also give you a complete posting calendar for February so you know what will be posted on which day.

If you’d like to be notified when the site re-launches and receive a weekly digest so you never miss a post, you can enter your e-mail here

Re-Launch Announcement


The HCM Re-Launch is Confirmed. Here’s How You Can Help.

The Re-Launch is Confirmed

Today we’re excited to announce that The Head Covering Movement re-launch will be moving forward in early 2019!

Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing the re-launch date and introducing our team to you next month.

Here’s how you can help make this re-launch a success. We have 8 ways you can participate.

1) Volunteer for a position. We still have many roles which you can serve in. Four new jobs were just added. Check them out!

2) Write for us. Starting today, we are accepting guest articles for publication on HCM. Feel like you have something to write about? Click here to learn more.

3) Share your head covering testimony. Our new Testimony Coordinator would love to hear your story and potentially feature it on the site.

4) Ask a video question. Would you like to be featured on our next video? Help us continue our “Ask Your Head Covering Question” series.

5) Fund the re-launch. 100% of all donations will go towards our re-launch expenses, as we get the word out about the biblical teaching on head covering.

6) Buy or review our book. This supports what we do AND helps get the word out. If you have already read it, could you review it on Goodreads and/or Amazon for us?

7) Share our content. Help us get the word out about HCM by sharing your favorite content from our site on social media. Not sure what to share? Try a quote image. Bloggers can put these banners + buttons on their site.

8) Pray! We would love for you to pray for us as a movement. Pray that sound teaching on this topic would spread among the church worldwide. Also, can you pray that God would provide many people to jump in with all 8 of these participation options? We’d especially love prayer for our new team, that we’d fulfill our new jobs joyfully and that our work would be full of truth and grace.

Please prayerfully consider how you can help. This is a movement, and in order for us to accomplish our goals, we need the help and support of people like you. Thank you!

Témoignage de Jessica Lovely

Head Covering Testimonies

Nom : Jessica Lovely | Âge : 31 ans | Vient de : Gypsy, Kentucky | Se voile depuis : Été 2015

Jessica Lovely

1) Présente-toi à nos lecteurs.

Bonjour, je m’appelle Jessica Lovely. J’ai 31 ans et j’habite à Gypsy, dans le Kentucky, une petite communauté nichée dans les montagnes Appalaches. Tout respire la simplicité par ici. Mon mari est bûcheron et travaille dur pour subvenir à nos besoins. Je fais l’école à la maison pour nos quatre enfants, qui sont tous à des niveaux différents. J’aime énormément mon rôle d’épouse et de mère, Dieu m’a vraiment béni avec une merveilleuse famille. J’aime cuisiner pour ma famille et faire des balades le soir avec nos enfants et les chiens. Je fabrique ma propre lessive ainsi que des produits nettoyants et des déodorants faits maison, sans produits chimiques ! Par-dessus tout, et c’est le plus important, je suis une enfant dévouée de Dieu et je me sens particulièrement bénie les fois (comme maintenant) où Il me donne l’occasion de répandre l’Évangile.

2) Où vas-tu à l’église ? Dis-nous-en un peu plus sur ce sujet. Est-ce que d’autres personnes se voilent là-bas ?

C’est une bénédiction pour moi de faire partie de l’église Little Rachel Church, qui se trouve à Waldo, dans le Kentucky. J’assiste aux offices le jeudi soir et le dimanche matin. À part ma fille et moi, il y a aussi une autre femme qui se couvre la tête. Nous sommes devenues de bonnes amies et nous nous encourageons l’une l’autre. Nous sommes d’accord pour dire que c’est agréable de ne pas être la seule à se couvrir, même si, le cas échéant, nous le ferions quand-même, comme un défi. De temps en temps, il y a deux autres femmes qui assistent aux offices et qui se couvrent aussi. Il y a quelques dimanches de cela, nous étions 5, en comptant ma fille et moi, à nous voiler ! Je dois dire que c’était un moment béni pour moi. Read more

New Book: A Return to Head Covering (by Carlton C. McLeod)

Our friend Dr. Carlton C. McLeod has released his book on head covering. Visit this page to learn more info or purchase the paperback ($7) or PDF ($2).


Friends, thank you for your interest in my latest book, A Return to Head Covering! 

I know the subject matter isn’t the most popular in the world, especially in light of the stigma associated with the practice (that’s putting it mildly!).  

Well, I’d like to put you at ease:

  • I’m not attempting to force anyone to do anything 
  • I’m not a legalist, and this book isn’t about legalism
  • I don’t embrace some imbalanced view of “patriarchy” 
  • I’m not a muslim or a hebrew israelite 🙂

I am a protestant, evangelical, Spirit-filled, trinitarian, husband, father, and pastor who believes in the inerrancy, infallibility, inspiration, and sufficiency of the Holy Bible and that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God and God the Son.  I believe that one is saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone!

I actually stumbled into this book quite innocently, simply by teaching through 1 Corinthians as a local church pastor trying to be faithful to the Text of Scripture.  This book expands upon the sermon I initially preached on 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, chronicles a bit of my journey since then, and attempts to explain some of the more confusing verses (see the “Because of the Angels” and “It’s Not Hair” chapters) in a bit more detail.

As controversial as this subject is, please know that I’m NOT a glutton for punishment!  I wrote this book for two primary reasons:

  1. First, I wrote this book because I love my church family.  I want the book to be both an apologetic and an encouragement for them.  Some of our sisters cover.  Some do not.  Regardless, we are still charged with preaching the Gospel and walking in love.  My desire is that this book will, at a minimum, help all parties understand and communicate what we believe to visitors, family, and friends in a godly way.
  2. Many who heard the sermon online asked for more information.  I pray this effort is a blessing to them.

Friends, whether you agree or disagree with my conclusions, I think you will enjoy this very thought-provoking book.

May the LORD bless you as you labor in His vineyard,

Carlton C. McLeod

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