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R. C. Sproul (theologian & pastor): “We are persuaded that the biblical mandate [of head covering] is still in effect... When Paul says the women are to cover their heads, he is basing that action on how God created male and female... If there's ever an indication of a perpetual ordinance in the church, it is that which is based on an appeal to Creation... I think that the symbol should remain intact as a sign of our obedience to God.” Published in: "Now, That's A Good Question" (page 347)

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Covering Testimony: Allura Lightfoot

Name: Allura Lightfoot | Age: 66 | Location: Mills River, North Carolina | Date started covering: April, 2023

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

God has been so good to me. He rescued me from clinical depression back in 2006, a time of life that included an eating disorder, self-harm, irrational & paralyzing fears, straying from the boundaries of my marriage through adultery, and subsequent suicide attempts. He set me FREE and I have walked in that freedom for 17 years now!

God also reconciled my husband and I as we trusted in Him alone, and we are now more in love than when we married 44 years ago! We are active in our church and also in ministry as we stand together at Planned Parenthood against the evil of abortion, offering help to moms with unplanned pregnancies.

I don’t share all this to brag about myself but to boast in the Lord. He has done this mighty work in my heart, and I will sing of His love forever! Without Him, I wouldn’t care about anyone besides myself. Our marriage is a trophy of God’s amazing grace to a lost and dying world. So when the Lord impressed on my heart that covering my head in church was a way to express my love for Him and also to honor my husband, how could I refuse? Read more

“A Symbol & A Prayer”

On the Head Covering Movement, we’ve posted an abundance of articles, videos, sermons, and other information we believe will be helpful to HCM’s followers — but for the first time, we have something a little different: a head covering poem meant to inspire and encourage you!

We hope you enjoy this creative writing project, submitted anonymously by someone who has been devoted to the head covering practice for many years.

Below the poem are options to download it in 4 different styles. You can save the poem as a picture file (easier for viewing & posting) or as a PDF file (easier for printing).  The author grants permission for you to share it with friends, post it on social media, print it as a wall-hanging, or use it however you’d like.  You can also download one (large) PDF file containing all four styles by clicking here.

Read more

Why I Cover My Head // plus Headcovering Tutorial

In this video, Lindsay and Brackin Kirkland from the vlog Tiny Notes from Home explain why and how Lindsay covers her head — giving biblical reasons, answering practical questions, and wrapping up with a headcovering tutorial. They give a gracious, balanced, and refreshing perspective on the Christian headcovering practice.

They also publish inspirational Christian music on their YouTube channel Sounds Like Reign, “a ‘sonic exploration of faith in God’ featuring sweeping soundscapes and passionate lyrics. This original music has been composed to inspire the wandering mind to focus on our Creator and walk in the light of His son Yeshua (Jesus).”

Is Head Covering Related to Spiritual Gifts? A Response to Barry York

“On Headcoverings” is the title of an article published on the reformed blog Gentle Reformation. The essay was written by Barry York, who serves as the General Editor of the blog and president of Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He introduces the question that the article seeks to answer:

From colonial times even up to our fathers’ generation, our culture, which was undeniably influenced greatly by Biblical Christianity, saw women regularly don caps, bonnets, hats, and veils in the church. So it raises the question. Are head coverings necessary attire for the Christian woman?

He answers the question by sharing that his wife does not wear a head covering “because she is not a prophetess.”1) York, Barry. “Why My Wife Does Not Wear a Headcovering.” Gentle Reformation, 29 Apr. 2019, https://gentlereformation.com/2019/04/29/why-my-wife-does-not-wear-a-headcovering/ This is a view that connects head covering to the use of miraculous spiritual gifts, rather than to common prayer or worship. In this article, I provide a response to argue that the context of the head covering passage (1 Cor. 11:2-16) is not related to miraculous gifts but to corporate worship. Read more


 York, Barry. “Why My Wife Does Not Wear a Headcovering.” Gentle Reformation, 29 Apr. 2019, https://gentlereformation.com/2019/04/29/why-my-wife-does-not-wear-a-headcovering/

Covering Testimony: Amy Larry

Name: Amy Larry | Age: 37 | Location: Missouri | Date started covering: Fall, 2021

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

I live in the Midwest with my husband and four children. I own an in-home daycare and write during naptime. As a member of the cancer community, I try to encourage others in their walk with Christ by giving tips on how to see God’s blessings in every situation. You can read more about my cancer story in my book God Above Cancer: Faith When It’s Ugly.

2) Where do you attend church?

I grew up attending a Southern Baptist church, and I currently attend Antioch Bible Baptist Church.

3) What led you to start covering?

You would have thought I started head covering when my hair began thinning from the chemotherapy. Clumps of hair fell out whenever I washed and dried my long brown strands. It would have been a perfect excuse to cover my shame and claim it for the Lord. However, I did not start covering during church services until two years after my cancer diagnosis and one year after I completed my chemotherapy, when my hair was already getting thick again. Read more

“What About Head Coverings?” (Bright Hearth)

Bright Hearth is a podcast devoted to recovering the lost arts of homemaking and the productive Christian household with Brian and Lexy Sauvé.

In this episode, Brian and Lexy discuss one of the most frequently asked questions about marriage, submission, and the interplay of men and women in the church: Should women wear head coverings today? What is 1 Corinthians 11 all about?

Click above to hear the podcast on YouTube, or listen on Spotify

Visit the Bright Hearth Podcast for more listening options

My Husband Doesn’t Want to Go to Church: How Should I Respond?

I Was Unsure What To Do

As my parents’ Ford Ranger rumbled down the dirt driveway – with me at the steering wheel – I struggled within myself about whether or not I was doing the right thing. I was 13 years old and not supposed to be driving on any public roads. This would definitely count as “against the law” – but my mom had told me to do it. I was instructed to drive to the nearby gas station to pick up something she needed. I could have ridden my bike there, but I guess she was in a hurry. 

What should I do? Obey my mom, or obey the law? I prayed for God to help me. Read more

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