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Statement from Jeremy Gardiner: Leadership Transition

Hello everyone, today I am announcing that I am stepping down from my role as HCM Director. Effective immediately, I am transitioning leadership to David Phillips and Jessica Roldan, two long-time core members of the HCM Team.

Jessica has been serving HCM in various roles since 2015, initially as a Prayer Coordinator and for the last few years as our Testimony Coordinator. David has been my right-hand man since day one of the website’s launch in 2013. He has had his fingerprints on almost every area of HCM and has been serving as Senior Editor for the last few years. I’ll let them introduce themselves more fully after this, but first I want to explain why I’m stepping down and what role I will play moving forward.

I started the Head Covering Movement in 2013 and published my book Head Covering: A Forgotten Christian Practice for Modern Times in 2016. The following year, I went through cancer treatment and thankfully made a full recovery in 2018. Unfortunately, that health crisis led to a break in my writing and posting routine. Even after my body recovered, I never found consistency in posting again.

This was partly due to being overextended on my end. I started a Biblical Studies degree in 2018 at Moody Bible Institute. After graduating in 2020, I immediately started an MDiv program at Wycliffe College. I found that school demanded more of me than I thought it would, and I didn’t have as much time to write beyond the papers required for school.

Another factor in my resignation is that though I haven’t said everything I have wanted to say on the topic of head covering and biblical roles, I have said most of it already. Having focused on this one topic for so many years, I have a growing desire to explore and write on other topics. I can’t do that and run HCM well at the same time.

I’ve felt for a while that my time running HCM was coming to an end. But I also knew that this Movement has been a blessing to so many people, in both their studies and in having a community to participate in. So I waited to resign until I found the right people who could continue the work. I have now found them, and I must say that there is no one I’d rather leave the site with than these two.

David and I are very like-minded, and he has published two books on this topic himself (Headcovering Throughout Christian History in 2014 and Covered Glory in 2015). Jessica is a wise, godly mother who lives out what she teaches. She speaks and writes as a mature Christian with a balanced tone, exuding graciousness. Both have been consistent in serving HCM through the years. In fact, they have been running the day-to-day operations of HCM since this past July, and now I’m excited to see what they will do as our new leaders. All my writings will live on through the site and through my book, but now it’s time for a fresh vision.

I am not abandoning the Movement, but I will not be involved any longer in the day-to-day operations. I will retain ownership of HCM, making sure all the bills are paid and the site stays functional, but David and Jessica are now the new Co-Directors and will run the site as they deem best without my oversight. They have been given full control over the direction moving forward and will share what that will look like in an upcoming post.

The only thing I will continue to be involved in is writing articles and filming videos. I will not be the primary writer, but I will continue to create content for HCM occasionally – hopefully more frequently than in recent years. I’m looking forward to this new season where I can do what I do best and allow fresh voices to lead the Movement.

For those that want to stay in touch, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Gab. I can also be emailed at [email protected].

It’s been a pleasure.

-Jeremy Gardiner


Jeremy G.

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