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Help Fund the Re-Launch

Fund the Relaunch

Are you passionate about God’s design for biblical manhood and womanhood?
Do you believe the symbol of head covering should be practiced today and that this is a neglected teaching?
If you do, would you consider partnering with us to relaunch in early 2019 so we can bring this message to even more people?

We are committed to teaching this topic with grace and truth while answering popular objections. We want to continue promoting a positive image of head covering while combating unfair stereotypes.

We have numerous positions we’re looking to fill, but we also need people who can contribute to the expenses related to the re-launch. This will include things like web hosting, paying contractors (graphic design, explainer videos, coding), and marketing (to help bring this message to a wider audience). 100% of the funds received through this page will be put aside for promoting this movement.

For the first five years of our existence, we never asked for a dollar. All expenses were paid out of pocket by me, Jeremy Gardiner, because I strongly believed in this message. For fear of being slandered with starting this movement just for the money, I denied everyone the opportunity to contribute (Phil 4:15, Acts 20:35) which would have made the site better and helped us reach a bigger audience. With the re-launch, we want to do things right, by giving you all the opportunity to partner with us in promoting sound biblical teaching regarding 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 (both the symbol and the principle it points to).

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