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Headcovering E-Books

Head Covering E-Books

The following is a list of e-books that are available on the subject of head covering. All of the authors believe that this symbol is a timeless symbol to be practiced today.

Covered-Glory-SmallHead Covering: A Forgotten Christian Practice For Modern TimesJeremy GardinerMore Info
Covered-Glory-SmallCovered GloryDavid PhillipsMore Info
Headcovering Throughout Christian HistoryHeadcovering Throughout Christian HistoryDavid PhillipsMore Info
K.P. Yohannan E-Book SmallHead CoveringsK.P. YohannanMore Info
Headcovering-in-WorshipThe Headcovering in WorshipDavid LipsyMore Info
Good Order in the ChurchGood Order in the ChurchDr. Leslie McFallMore Info


Vijai Singh Tagore

This is going to sound a bit negative but I am trying to be objective here. “Headcovering Throughout Christian History” by David Philip is poorly written work in many ways. I point out two obvious ones –

1. It lacks any standard of academic writing. NO complete and trustworthy footnotes. I was irritated to find the way the author has provided footnotes and quotations.
2. There is no logical or sustained argument in the book. It is simply a book of quotations from multiple sources to support the author’s opinion. The quotes are to be discussed in their proper context for a fair presentation of the views of others. It is not an intelligent work.

I bought it thinking that it would be a useful source for my own study but was greatly disappointed at the quality of the writing.

I am sorry to say, David, that this is not a proper book in any way but just a collection of quotes although there is some good information that can be used for writing a real book.

I have also read your other book “Covered Glory” and it has similar issues as well. You got to write a proper book following academic standards of writing.


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