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Just the FAQ’s: Top 10 Head Covering Questions and Answers


First Corinthians 11:2-16 and the practice of head covering are being rediscovered by many Christians today. Since recent generations often lack familiarity with the practice, those who begin exploring the topic often have a variety of questions. Some may initially have confusion, discomfort, or misunderstandings as well. That’s why we put together this FAQ (“Frequently Asked Questions”) page.

We’ve heard headcovering-related thoughts, questions, and perspectives from hundreds of people via the web, email, and social media. This page lists some of the most common concerns and questions. We hope that the resources below provide biblical clarity and peace about this beautiful but often-forgotten practice.


#1 Aren’t there more important things to worry about in the world?

Yes! There certainly are topics that are more important than head covering. The Gospel message is at the very top of that list, followed by other important Christian practices and doctrines. We’re grateful that there are many great ministries and websites already doing a great job of promoting these higher-priority topics.

The Head Covering Movement has a specific purpose, which is to look more deeply into a neglected Bible teaching in order to help the Church correct an imbalance in this area.

The symbol of head covering is meaningful because it represents important truths about our roles as men and women. And in our society today, there is a lot of confusion about those roles – what better time than now to promote a return to this practice?

That said, we strongly encourage our fellow Christians to not allow head covering to overshadow more important matters.


#2 Is this a cult?

Absolutely not. By reading our Statement of Faith and perusing our content carefully, you will see that we are strongly committed to biblical orthodoxy. We are international, multi-denominational, and support the biblical authority of local churches.

Indeed, within the scope of church history, we are part of “mainstream Christianity.” For nearly 2,000 years, it has been the general practice of Christian churches globally to have the women cover their heads and the men remove their hats while in church – and only relatively “recently” has this changed.

By advocating a return to this practice, we are actually more in line with historical church practice than many modern churches today. Many respectable church leaders – both in the past and in our present time – believe in head covering as a timeless Christian symbol.


#3 I’m not buying it . . . can you prove this is a biblical practice for today?

That’s part of why we’re here! We have provided a thorough study guide for those wanting to understand Scripture’s teaching about head covering.

There are four main reasons 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 gives for head covering:

Reason #1: Creation Order

Reason #2: Angels

Reason #3: Nature

Reason #4: Church Practice

Our study guide gives you options for either reading or listening to these reasons explained in a clear, complete, easy-to-understand way. If you have questions about head covering, we highly recommend you start your journey here


#4 Is the Head Covering Movement part of the Hebrew Roots Movement?

No. While some within the Hebrew Roots Movement practice head covering, we do not endorse the HRM. Click here to learn why.


#5 Isn’t a “head covering” actually referring to having “long hair”? Why are you advocating for using a piece of cloth?

The belief that a woman’s long hair is a sufficient covering during worship is one of the most common misconceptions about head covering that we encounter. However, this viewpoint is a fairly new interpretation of 1 Cor. 11:2-16. For most of church history, the general consensus was that a piece of cloth was needed.

In addition to historical support for the head covering being interpreted as a veil and not merely long hair, there is ample biblical support. This is the most important reason to view the covering as a piece of fabric.

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#6 Isn’t head covering an Old Testament command?

The Old Testament does indicate that some Jewish ladies indeed wore a covering on their heads. However, these Old Testament passages provide descriptions, not prescriptions. In fact, the command to wear a head covering appears only in the New Testament. You may find these articles helpful . . .


#7 Nobody at my church covers. Should I go to a church that practices head covering? Where can I find one?

While we support the use of head coverings in church, we don’t believe that the use of head coverings should be the main deciding factor when choosing a church. Instead, focus on more important considerations when choosing a church (and see the first question in this FAQ!).

In fact, the founder of the Head Covering Movement published an article, Why My Family Joined a Non-Head Covering Church

If you are part of a church that doesn’t practice head covering, perhaps God wants you to stand alone for a season, in order to be a positive influence for others.

If you do want to locate a church that practices head covering, click here for some suggestions.


#8 What should I do if my husband doesn’t want me to cover?

Unfortunately, some women find themselves in the challenging place of having to decide between following their conviction to wear a head covering and obeying the Bible’s teaching about a wife needing to submit to her husband. For those of you in that place, you may find the following articles helpful:


#9 I’ve decided that I want to start head covering – but how do I begin? What style should I wear? And how often should I wear a covering?

When you’re just beginning, the options can seem overwhelming! We’d like to offer you some ideas that can help you get started.

Which style:

How often (a variety of approaches from biblical perspectives):


#10 Where can I buy head coverings?

There are many places that sell head coverings . . .

  • They are available locally at many clothing stores and thrift shops (think: scarves, headbands, bandanas, and hats).
  • Click here for a longer list of online shops.
  • Many women make their own (YouTube has many tutorials).


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