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Do Paul’s instructions about head coverings apply today, since he appeals to creation, not culture?

“We cannot assume a New Testament command applied only to the first-century church if the command is rooted in the order of creation itself. From one of our live events, R.C. Sproul considers the controversial subject of head coverings in corporate worship.”

Head Covering 101: Practical Options to Ease Into Head Covering

Nervous about starting #headcovering?

Looking for some tips (and low-key styles) to ease into it?

Here are some suggestions from HCM contributor, Carisa.

What If No One Else At Your Church Wears a Head Covering?

Are you the only one who covers at church? Or would you like to, but are fearful because no one else does? If so, HCM contributor, Carisa, has some advice for you.

Head Covering and Pride

In this video, Christy Overlin (aka. OrganizedMOM) teaches us on humility and pride, and how it relates to those who practice head covering.

A Response to Pastor Mark Driscoll on Christian Head Covering

In this video, Head Covering Movement founder, Jeremy Gardiner, responds to Pastor Mark Driscoll’s video entitled “Does the Bible require women to wear a head covering?

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