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Over 1000 Members! Join us today.

We’re now over 1000 members in the Head Covering Movement Community Facebook Group.

1000 FB Group Members

It’s a very active and encouraging group. If you’re not a part yet, join us today.

#HeadCoveringMotivation (#6)

#HeadCoveringMotivation (#6)

Harry Ironside Quote Image #2

Harry Ironside Quote Image #2

Bold Christian Woman Confronts Her City Council (while hearing a head covering).

This is a great picture of biblical womanhood. By wearing a head covering she is visually proclaiming her belief in God’s role and design for her. However, that does not mean she is a passive woman (much like the Prov. 31 woman). She approaches her government with a quiet temperament all the while bolding proclaiming justice and the gospel to people in high positions. What a beautiful picture to the world, and to the angels!

“Covering the Web” Paused Until Team Positions Are Filled

Hello everyone, this is just a quick notice that because we are under-staffed, moving forward there will be no more issues of “Covering the Web” until we can fill these two positions:

  • Covering the Web Coordinator (Male or Female): One or two people will be in charge of scouring the internet to find relevant content on head covering and biblical manhood/womanhood. This will include searching Google, blogs, and Youtube. You will watch video clips and read articles to separate the wheat from the chaff while noting that which would be helpful to share with our community in our weekly (or bi-weekly) issues of Covering the Web.
    Qualifications: Theologically minded. Have the time and desire to read many articles and watch short Youtube clips. Ability to do (or learn) advanced Google searches (such as negative keywords, search by date, exact phrase match).
  • Social Media Manager (Female preferred): This person will manage our social media pages with a focus on community engagement. We desire to have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and potentially Pinterest. Though we prefer one person to manage all of them, we are open to multiple people being in charge of one (or more) network(s) each.
    Qualifications: Must be active on social media and demonstrate the ability to craft compelling posts while engaging your audience. We are not looking for someone who simply knows how to use social media, but someone who understands digital marketing and branding.

If you think you’d be a good fit, you can apply here: https://www.headcoveringmovement.com/join-the-team

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