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SERMON CLIP: The Heart of Satanism: Rejection of God’s Authority

In this 9min sermon clip, Pastor Joel Walters (of the Bible Fellowship) speaks about God’s order of authority and how a rejection of God’s authority is at the heart of Satanism.

Watch the full sermon here.

Head Coverings: A Symbol Of Submission To God Ordained Roles

Head Covering Sermon

Preacher: Pastor Joel Walters | Sermon Length: 1 hr 9min | Preached: Sept 20, 2020

At a very young age, Joel responded to the Gospel message and became a disciple of Jesus Christ. As a young man, he felt God’s call to ministry and after graduating from High School he began working at his church. He served in whatever way possible and eventually became the worship leader and worked with the youth ministry. In 2008 he was led by the Lord to plant The Bible Fellowship a non-denominational church in Wimauma, FL. He has been pastoring there ever since. Joel and his wife Denaye have 3 children and are blessed and privileged to know and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

>> In addition to streaming this sermon or watching it above, you can also download it.

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How to Share Head Covering With Friends

How to Share Head Covering with Friends

[Guest Author: This article was written by guest author, Elaine Mingus. It is a republished work from her previous blog. If you’re interested in writing for the Head Covering Movement please visit this page.]


Once you discover the biblical mandate to practice headcovering, you probably will find yourself wanting to share this newfound understanding with your friends.

Just like sharing your salvation experience, many women want to express the beauty and freedom they’ve found in obeying and aligning themselves with God’s divine order.

But sharing about something that is… I don’t know… not a part of our “normal” culture can be… scary.

And what makes it more difficult is that some people already have a stereotypical judgment about people who cover their heads.

Here are some tips for how to share head covering with your friends.

1) Be An Example Read more

Head Covering Styles (For Hair Up and Down)

Hello, HCM family! Today we have a special treat that was created for you by Baygent Baker (see her bio at the bottom of this post). She has made two tutorial images to show different head covering styles you can use both for when your hair is up and when your hair is down.

Baygent Baker is a wife and mother passionate about the Word of God. She enjoys using her creative talents in God honoring ways, whether it’s digital art or nourishing her family by cooking in the kitchen. She resides in Louisiana on a small farm with her husband, three children, and various farm animals. Visit her farm page on Instagram.


The Head Covering Movement started in 2013—over seven years ago. Since our inception, we have refrained from selling merchandise even though we’ve had many requests for it throughout the years. This year we’ve decided, for the very first time, to make some available just in time for Christmas shopping (Husbands, are you listening?).

So whether you’re looking to show off your love of head covering and/or the movement, or you just want to support what we’re doing, now you can now do so through the official HCM store.

There are several styles of t-shirts, sweatshirts, as well as stickers, a mug, and a tote bag to choose from.

> If you purchase a shirt, mug, or tote, please take a picture and either tag us on Instagram OR submit your picture of you wearing/using your merch. We plan to re-share most of them on social media.


BEHIND THE SCENES: Head Covering Movement Video Studio/Office

Want a behind the scenes look at where new Head Covering Movement videos will be shot? In this short video, HCM founder TheologyJeremy tours his new office.

Subscribe to Jeremy’s Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/theologyjeremy and the HCM Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/covermovement

Headship and Head-Covering Course from Dr. Finny Kuruvilla

Paul’s instructions on the headship order clashes with modern ideas of women’s liberation. This clash of ideas has created controversy among Christians. Many modern interpreters argue that this was a cultural practice for first-century Corinth or that it should be interpreted spiritually with no practical expression. In this course, Finny Kuruvilla carefully exegetes the biblical text and shows how Christians have understood this passage historically. Kuruvilla concludes by offering practical advice on how Christians should apply Paul’s instruction in the modern world.


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