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We need your Video Questions for a new Series on Headcovering

We’re about to start a brand new series where I answer your head covering / 1 Corinthians 11 questions. In this video I explain how you can participate by recording and sending in your video questions.

The Joy of a Clear Conscience: Head Covering, Bikinis, and Modesty

In this video Elizabeth McGee shares about the joy of having a clear conscience. In it she shares an example about bathing suits to help you see that there’s freedom in following the Lord’s commands (in headcovering and everything else).

An Update on My Head Covering Book (plus I show you the cover)

It’s been many months since I updated you on the progress of my forthcoming book on head covering. In this video I let you know how close we are and I unveil (pun intended) the book cover.

Sew Many Ways Kimi has begun head covering

Keami Terrill of “Sew Many Ways Kimi” has just begun the journey of head covering. Watch this video to hear her reasons why. She’s also begun posting headcovering tutorials on her YouTube channel.

What Does A Head Covering Mean?

In this video Elizabeth McGee explains what a head covering means according to the Bible. If you’ve ever been asked “why are you wearing that?” this is how you can answer.

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