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David Gooding Quote Image #2

David Gooding Quote Image #2

Source: David Gooding – Symbols of Headship and of Glory

Le voile est-il un commandement ? Et la liberté évangélique alors ?

Head Covering Questions
L’enseignement sur le voile est-il une ordonnance qui s’applique à tous les chrétiens ? Son application n’est-elle pas du domaine de la liberté chrétienne, tout comme l’étaient les viandes sacrifiées aux idoles ?

Qu’est-ce que la liberté chrétienne ?

La liberté chrétienne est le droit qu’ont les chrétiens à décider eux-mêmes de ce qui est bien, sur des problématiques qui ne sont pas traitées dans la Bible. Pour ce type de problématique, il y a des paramètres bibliques qui limitent nos choix, ainsi que des principes bibliques qui régissent ces choix, mais il n’y a pas une seule réponse correcte. Cette idée est enseignée dans Romains 14, l’apôtre Paul dit : Read more


Pastoral Testimonies

Patrick Smith

1) 先生、ご自身のことと、それから牧会されている教会について少し教えてください。


2) どのような経緯で、「祈りのベールが今日にも適用される、永続的なシンボルである」ということについて確信を持たれるようになったのですか。




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Head Covering in Trondheim International Church (+Photos)

Head Covering in Trondheim International Church
What follows is an update from Pastor Robin Bassam who shared his testimony with us here. Robin is pastor at Trondheim International Church in Norway.

I am writing to give you an update on our practice of head covering in our church. In September 2014 our church went away for a fellowship weekend where we discussed the subject of Complementarianism and Egalitarianism. As a result our church officially adopted a Complementarian position of leadership which has been written into our Church Beliefs and Values.

In the four weeks leading up to our Church Fellowship Weekend I preached on women’s head covering from 1 Corinthians 11:1-16. As a result of these sermons the leadership of T.I.C. have introduced the following statement regarding women’s head covering in a booklet entitled “What We Believe”:

Head covering for Women: We believe that a woman is required by Scripture to cover her head in any church service where prayer, preaching or teaching is being exercised. This is clearly taught by Paul in 1 Corinthians Chapter 11 verses 1 – 16. There isn’t a single verse in Scripture which cancels the validity of these verses. This teaching is theological, universal and timeless, not cultural, geographically limited or temporary. We believe this is a Biblical requirement for all women (married and single). Although we believe that a woman should cover her head in all TIC Meetings and strongly recommend the practice of head covering, it is not a salvation issue and, therefore, we do not insist on it. Every woman coming to TIC has the choice of whether to cover or not. TIC has very clear and comprehensive teaching on the subject of Women’s head covering and Pastor Robin Bassam’s 65 page head covering Teaching Manual is available to anyone in TIC, on request.

Even though every lady in T.I.C. has a choice, nearly half of our ladies use a head covering; and the practice of head covering is increasing in the church. Read more

Les cheveux longs sont-ils le voile de la femme ?

Head Covering Objections
Objection: Les Écritures affirment qu’une femme doit prier et prophétiser la tête couverte. Cela ne doit pas être compris comme un voile artificiel puisque 1 Corinthiens 11:15 déclare que les cheveux longs lui servent de voile. Le fait que les hommes doivent avoir les cheveux courts et les femmes les cheveux longs, voilà ce que Paul veut démontrer.

Bien que nous affirmons que la chevelure d’une femme est son voile naturel, nous voyons qu’il est question de deux voiles différents dans ce chapitre. L’un est constitué des cheveux longs d’une femme, ce voile est naturel, permanent et une gloire pour elle (1 Cor 11:14-15). L’autre est un revêtement artificiel amovible (1 Cor 11:5) et un symbole de soumission (1 Cor 11:10).
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Covering the Web: Dec 8/15

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • Headcovering in a small town (YouTube)
      “My experience as the only person in my ENTIRE town that wears a tichel.”
    • Case for Head Coverings: Part 1 – The Order of Creation (Living Transformed)
      Women bring honor to the male authority in their life and ultimately to the Lord by following the instructions given by God.  Don’t abandon these principles, for it brings dishonor to your head as well as to the authorities in your life…and more importantly, it is a direct disobedience to the Lord.”
    • A Smart Man’s View of Headcovering (Truth at Home)
      “I labeled this post “A Smart Man’s View of Headcovering” because first of all, his analysis does seem to be very biblical and logical; and secondly, because he is well-educated academically, which gives his opinions even more force “
    • Creation Chronology in 1 Corinthians 11 (Creation without Compromise)
      “Given the focus of our website… I’m going to focus on one aspect of Paul’s argument in support of his teaching, found in verses 7 through 12”
    • One Powerful Proof Regarding The Validity Of The Christian Headcovering Doctrine (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
      “So what is the powerful proof regarding the validity of the Headcovering doctrine? ; Well, you are the most powerful proof, my dear sisters! By looking at your dedicated lives in Christ, the Spirit shall convict us (them) that this teaching is indeed biblical.”
Found an interesting link about head covering or biblical manhood/womanhood? Tell us about it here.

被り物と聖書解釈(R・C・スプロール著『聖書を知る“Knowing Scripture”』より)

Head Covering and Hermeneutics (An Excerpt from “Knowing Scripture” by R.C. Sproul)
R・C・スプロール博士は、フロリダ州のオルランド近郊に位置し、国際的なクリスチャンの教育プログラムを手掛けているLigonier Ministriesの創始者であり会長です。またRenewing Your Mindという番組でもスプロール師の教えを聴くことができます。この番組は米国および40数か国においてラジオ放送されています。またスプロール師はテーブル・トーク雑誌の編集長および改革スタディー・バイブルの編集主幹を務め、著書も70冊を超えています。さらにリゴニア聖書神学大学、改革聖書大学の学長も務めています。現在、師はフロリダのサンフォードにあるセイント・アンドリュース・チャペルの主任教師をしています。










この掟を自分たちの文化に適用させていく上で、私たちは以下に挙げる四つの選択肢に直面することになります。 Read more

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