The wearing of fabric head coverings in worship was universally the practice of Christian women until the twentieth century. What happened? Did we suddenly find some biblical truth to which the saints for thousands of years were blind? Or were our biblical views of women gradually eroded by the modern feminist movement that has infiltrated the Church...? - R.C. Sproul

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Covering Testimony: Alison Chapman

Name: Alison ChapmanAge: 44Location: Oxford, UKStarted Covering: 2010

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Alison and I come from a missionary background, growing up as a child in the Seychelles in the early 70s. I have known the Lord from an early age but perhaps with more head knowledge rather than heart. I really encountered the love of the Lord whilst training at bible college in my late 20s. That’s where the Lord radically changed me and developed within me a desire for truth and to know Him in a deeper way and to make Him known.  I have been challenged by the cost of following Jesus in everyday life and I seek to love Him wholeheartedly and somehow share the good news of Jesus. I have especially enjoyed various work opportunities overseas including time spent in Israel, a nation that the Lord has put on my heart.  I married at the age of 41, after what seemed like an arduous, sometimes painful and long wait, to a prayerful and righteous man that God had been preparing me for.  I have learned much from my husband and I have joy and appreciation in being his wife. Read more

Covering the Web: April 12/14

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

  • Called to Cover our Heads? A Quick Breakdown of 1 Corinthians 11 (Ramblings of a Christian MOM!!)
    “I never paid that much attention to 1 Corinthians 11 before. Like many people, I more or less skimmed through it, deeming the passage as cultural to the times and irrelevant to me…Lately, however, the topic has come up several times in Christian Mommy Facebook groups that I’m in and I felt convicted to study deeper into it. Here is what I discovered…”
  • Principle 31 – Godly Disciplines for Assemblies (YouTube)
    An official reading from the “Gospel Fellowships” audiobook. This section deals with head covering as well as other spiritual disciplines. 3 minutes long.
  • The Headcovering as a Universal Practice (A Ruby in the Rough)
    “The headcovering requirement is based on the order of creation. It has been argued that this means that the principle of male headship is permanent, but the particular application of it (i.e. headcovering) was cultural. There is no evidence in the passage for this.”
  • Should Women Wear Head Coverings….? (YouTube)
    A 14 minute video from Corinn Linkowski (teenage girl).

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