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5 Ways to Get Out of a Head Covering Slump

5 Ways to Get Out of a Head Covering Slump

Being one of the few bloggers that blogs regularly about head covering, you’d think that would be enough incentive to motivate and excite me toward head covering.

But I’m just like anyone else.

After the initial honeymoon phase wears off, head covering becomes just a regular part of my life. It’s special, for sure. But no more special than praying or serving.

So, I was driving to a blogging conference and it got me thinking about how I, as a head-covering blogger, felt like I’d been in a head covering slump.

I covered at church and during personal prayer (mostly), but where I once covered — during mealtime prayers or occasionally out of the house — I wasn’t.

I know covering isn’t the end all be all, but I wanted to get to the bottom of this head covering conundrum and figure out how to reignite my passion for covering again.

I’ve been doing some personal assessment and thought about the issue and wanted to share with my head covering community what I’ve discovered. Read more

40+ Head Covering Tutorials on Youtube

Headcovering Tutorials

Soon after discovering head covering, I went to the internet for more information.

Almost immediately I found K.P. Yohannan’s free e-book, Head Coverings. I devoured it and many articles by Jeremy, the founder of the Head Covering Movement.

But while KP and Jeremy are great at explaining the doctrinal whys of head covering, I was kinda on my own when it came to the hows of head covering.

Enter YouTube.

The one-stop-DIY-video shop where you can figure out how to take off your car’s bumper, watch a TED talk or play a ukulele.

After watching countless head covering tutorials (and making a few myself), I’m sharing my favorite head covering tutorial videos on YouTube.

Disclaimer: These videos aren’t necessarily made by Christian women, nor does The Head Covering Movement endorse any particular style. (Though there is an opinion piece on should a Christian woman wear a hijab or not.)

40+ Head Covering Tutorials on Youtube


Read more

The Ultimate Head Covering Blog Post Roundup

Headcovering Blog Post Roundup

When you are first starting your head covering journey, stories from women who already cover are a great encouragement.

When you are struggling to maintain the practice of head covering or feel alone in your practice, testimonies can be the light in a very dark place.

Satan comes to discourage us from keeping the commandments of God, but the Bible says that we can overcome Him by the word of their testimony. (Rev 12:11) Since 2013, The Head Covering Movement has kept an ongoing record of blog posts, news articles and videos that support our view of head covering1) There are a few mixed in that aren’t supportive of head covering which were still relevant to this site’s readers. . While those posts have been helpful on a weekly basis, we know it’s hard to comb through an entire blog looking for multiple posts. So, to make it easier we’ve combined over three years of posts and put them in one place for you.

Bookmark this page and visit it often when you need advice, encouragement or clarity.

  1. Head Covering in Modern Times. Is This A Necessary Practice? (Children Are A Blessing)
  2. Sunday Brunch – Should Women Cover Their Heads? (Cecelia’s Christian Fiction Blog)
  3. Head-Covering: Is It Still Relevant? (Regeneration, Repentance and Reformation)
  4. So…head covering…yes or no? (Blessed Hope Farm)
  5. This Is Me #10 (The Candle Underneath the Looking Glass)
  6. Head Coverings – Two Spiritual Statements (Christian Fellowship Church – India)
  7. Head Coverings and Christianity (Reformed Christian Theology)
  8. Head Coverings for Sisters, Should they? (Wheatland Bible Chapel)
  9. What we believe on head covering in church. (Three Girls and their Hobbies)
  10. My Experience With Head Coverings (Penned by Katrina)
  11. More-Less for 2014 and my childish impatience that changed my life (Blessed Hope Farm)
  12. Thought for Thursday (Sussex Gospel Hall)
  13. The Head Covering: Ordinance or Custom: Part 1 (Bible League Trust)
  14. Headcoverings (Infertility Mom)
  15. Why Your Hair Is Not Your “Head Covering” (YouTube / Know Jesus First)
  16. Head Coverings and Skirts (The Proper ‘Biblical!’ Lady)
  17. Why I wear a hat to church (Stray Thoughts)
  18. Desires of The Flesh // in Nautical Inspired Cardigan (Fresh Modesty)
  19. Ethics: Pastor Requires Women Wear Head Coverings! (Here I Blog)
  20. Christian Head Coverings – Q&A (YouTube / Know Jesus First)
  21. Head Covering in Real Life (Radical Christian Woman)

Read more


 There are a few mixed in that aren’t supportive of head covering which were still relevant to this site’s readers.

Head Covering Advice from Long-time Head Covering Women

Head Covering Advice from Long-time Head Covering Women

Have you ever wished that you could sit at the feet of a woman that has covered for a long time and listen to their experiences with head covering? What kind of questions would you ask? What advice would they give?

We surveyed seven women that have been covering for 10+ years and found so much wisdom that we just had to share it with other head covering women. Though their stories are different in many ways, we wanted to share the similarities in order to encourage you in your walk with head covering.

First Memories of Head Covering

Choosing to obey the Lord’s call to cover your head is only half the head covering battle. Many women faced internal and external opposition from themselves, friends and family during their first moments as a head covering Christian woman.

“I will never forget the utter fear I felt taking a step outside my front door the first day I wore one. Every time I went to a new place, or seen someone who hadn’t seen me cover before it was hard. I knew I would have to have the explanations ready,” Eleanor, who has covered since 2001, says.

Carolyn, a head coverer of 23 years, says a friend asked her if she was cleaning her house the first time she saw her wearing a simple bandana over her head.

Sometimes beginning head covering can be heartbreaking, especially when the opposition comes from family. Mrs. Robinson has covered for 13 years, remembers a conversation between her and her grandmother, a pastor’s wife.

“My grandmother hated it. [She said], ‘Why can’t you let everyone see your amazing hair? You look ridiculous.'”

Despite the obstacles in head covering, there is some time-honored advice for other head covering ladies. Read more

10 Ideas for Organizing Your Head Covering Collection

10 Ideas for Organizing Your Head Covering Collection

“Nooooo, Mom! No more scarves!” my oldest daughter pleaded with me.

“But I need a navy one! The one I have is too blue and they are so cheap,” I said in response while shopping with my kids.

I want to say that this is an isolated situation, but it’s not. Just days later I was in another store and the sign posted said, “Saturday and Sunday only, all scarves half off!”

I’m such a sucker for head coverings and a good deal. The combination was just too much to pass by. I couldn’t decide which one I like the most, but because of the wisdom of my children I only bought two.

When I started covering a little over a year ago, I only had two rogue scarves that had somehow managed to pass all my prior purging sessions, but now I don’t know how many I have.

Are you like me? Has your discovery of head covering opened up a new obsession with tichels, scarves and mantillas? Has your collection gone overboard? Read more

No Other (Head Covering) Gospel

No other (Head Covering) Gospel...

I walked wearing my tichel-style head covering on a recent mission trip to Haiti. At first, my teammates assumed that I covered for fashion purposes. Soon it was revealed that I believed in Christian head covering. The questions started rolling in. Like most American Christians, head covering was as foreign as the Haitian soil we were standing on!

I tried to explain it all as best I could under pressure. Most of the women were mesmerized with the entire teaching. Like many American Christians they haven’t given much thought to the idea of head covering, much less met anyone that covered.

No one joined me in covering during the six days I bunked with them even though I covered for most of the trip, but seeds were planted. At least that’s all I can hope for.

As head covering Christian women, we love to introduce to other people how covering has revolutionized our hearts. This is a beautiful thing. It’s how we were created — with a desire to see people live in the fullness of Christ. Read more

Overcoming Head Covering Pride

Overcoming Head Covering Pride

Once I discovered the truth about head covering, I started telling my friends and family about my decision, but only a few have joined me in covering.

As a head covering woman, I’m often left wondering why aren’t more women in our western churches covering? Why do our churches insist on viewing covering as a ‘cultural’ thing when it clearly is not?

The scales have fallen off our eyes and we want everyone to understand the blessing of covering, but when we are met with so much resistance it’s easy to find yourself slipping into self-righteous judgement and pride.

We think, ‘I know the truth. Those people don’t. I don’t even think they care to know the truth about covering.’

Even when you try to be humble, somehow arrogance tries to sneak its way into your heart. You think, ‘I am so wise. They are ignorant.’ Read more

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