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Head Covering Advice from Long-time Head Covering Women

Head Covering Advice from Long-time Head Covering Women

Have you ever wished that you could sit at the feet of a woman that has covered for a long time and listen to their experiences with head covering? What kind of questions would you ask? What advice would they give?

We surveyed seven women that have been covering for 10+ years and found so much wisdom that we just had to share it with other head covering women. Though their stories are different in many ways, we wanted to share the similarities in order to encourage you in your walk with head covering.

First Memories of Head Covering

Choosing to obey the Lord’s call to cover your head is only half the head covering battle. Many women faced internal and external opposition from themselves, friends and family during their first moments as a head covering Christian woman.

“I will never forget the utter fear I felt taking a step outside my front door the first day I wore one. Every time I went to a new place, or seen someone who hadn’t seen me cover before it was hard. I knew I would have to have the explanations ready,” Eleanor, who has covered since 2001, says.

Carolyn, a head coverer of 23 years, says a friend asked her if she was cleaning her house the first time she saw her wearing a simple bandana over her head.

Sometimes beginning head covering can be heartbreaking, especially when the opposition comes from family. Mrs. Robinson has covered for 13 years, remembers a conversation between her and her grandmother, a pastor’s wife.

“My grandmother hated it. [She said], ‘Why can’t you let everyone see your amazing hair? You look ridiculous.'”

Despite the obstacles in head covering, there is some time-honored advice for other head covering ladies.

Advice for Overcoming Head Covering Struggles

Above all, each woman declares that head covering must first and foremost be a commitment based on the Lord’s call to cover based on Scripture. Covering to please man leads to much confusion and heartache.

“First, be very sure before you do it of your personal commitment and your basis in Scripture for doing it. The road is not an easy one for many sisters and you need to be prepared to walk it without waffling. Taking it off and on constantly is a poor witness,” said Ganeida, who has covered for 15 years.

By allowing the Lord to be the central reason you cover, you can overcome many internal and external struggles.

Eleanor regrets the few times that she chose to forgo covering. “The peace that comes from obeying God can not be measured.”

Another way to overcome struggles is by reexamining the Word of God.

Joy, a head covered woman of 30 years, says there was a time that she struggled with covering during her 30s. “Some of my family and good friends were no longer covering and I really started to doubt why I was covering.” During that time she began to study Scriptures related to covering. She recalls her husband patiently answering her many questions. This period of questioning was vital to strengthening her conviction to continue covering.

Don’t be afraid to question head covering because it serves to strengthen your resolve. Make sure your answers come from the Scriptures and those that seek their authority in your life.

How to Deal with Questions from Others About Covering

Almost everyone that head covers will have to deal with questions regarding their reason to cover.

When it is an unbeliever that comes to question, Ganeida looks at these questions as an opportunity.

“For an unbeliever it is a wonderful way to introduce the gospel!” she says.

“Most questions come from those wishing to figure out what ‘denominational box’ you fit into,” Eleanor says. “A rare person actually wants to know the real underlying motivations. I try to figure out what information they are looking for and give the best answer.”

When a woman is truly interested in the Scriptures about head covering, Carla says to be open to studying the Bible together.

Many people are concerned when they see a loved one begin to cover. It can bring up fears that a head coverer has changed religions or is getting in too deep with ‘something weird.’

“Keep in mind that head covering can really worry those who love you,” Stephanie says.

To combat this Eleanor suggests, “Tell them you appreciate their concern, but it is your decision before God this is important to you.”

If they are particularly antagonistic, Carolyn says to pray for them and love them unconditionally.

Head Covering and Children

A common concern for head covering women is whether or not to require female children to adhere to the practice of head covering. Of all the women surveyed said they felt lead to lead by example more than force.

“To shame them or force them or guilt them into covering are totally wrong reasons for them to cover,” Joy says. She also believes that it is more important to educate male children on the benefits of covering, so when they become husbands and fathers they will be able to be supportive and open-minded about head covering.

Carolyn recommends discussing being covered early on so that children are more likely to believe in the rewards and blessing of covering.

Not all female children choose to follow their parent’s wisdom, Ganeida, who started covering after her children were grown says, “At present neither [of her two daughters] choose to cover.”

Finding Head Covering Support

Belonging to a church where head covering is practice can be a wonderful support system, but more often than not women find themselves among the few people in their church that practice this tradition.

“Being a part of a church group that requires women who are members to be covered has bepen a source of great support and encouragement to me,” Joy says.

But being a part of a head covering church has it’s own set of problems, “It is hard to see those who attend our church [who] struggle with covering. Sadly people tend to leave eventually if they don’t want to cover.”

The Holy Spirit can be a great source of comfort for those that don’t know any head covering women in real life, but so can groups, like those found on Facebook or other head covering forums.

Deciding on the Type of Covering to Wear

Carla, who has been covering for 18 years prefers a lace princess style mantilla. “It stays put on my head without pins. I can take it on and off as needed without disturbing my hair!”

Her advice is to not worry so much as to what type of covering you choose, but to remember why you cover.

“Study yourself and talk to God about it. If you find yourself fussing too much in the mirror about it, take a step back and examine your heart.”

Stephanie’s favorite head covering is a hijab because it’s easy. She also loves when her husband reaches out to hold it in place when the wind is blowing and her hands are full of children. She also wears a tichel because ‘it’s fun,’ but recommends seeking God for the type of covering you should wear.

“Ask God to help bring the kind of covering to mind that would be best for [an occasion],” she says. She believes that God has an opinion on what style would be best and you might not know unless you ask!

Eleanor’s husband loves her to wear a medium-sized lacy veil, commonly worn by Mennonites.

“Eventually you find your ‘go to’ style,” she says.

Finding your ‘go to’ style can change over time, Carolyn admits that for many years she’s worn a simple black scarf because it was the least obvious, but lately she’s been thinking about changing to infinity scarves, but admits that she hasn’t had the time to work with them yet.

Makeup, Jewelry & Head Covering

In head covering circles, the practice of wearing makeup and jewelry can cause quite heated discussions to arise. In general, the decision to wear makeup and jewelry varies vastly from woman to woman based on their interpretation of Scriptures, the desires of their husband’s and their own convictions.

Carla’s husband likes when she wears makeup and jewelry, but she tries to keep it minimal and not too flashy.

“I own some, but I usually keep that for wearing in private for my husband only. If I go out with anything at all on, I try to make it appear there is none,” Eleanor says. ” I do wear a wedding bad and occasionally a cross necklace. I try to make it a point not to wear expensive things.”

Stephanie has learned that by not wearing makeup, her skin has cleared up and she’s gotten a nice tan on her face.

Biggest Head Covering Mistakes & Regrets

As with anything new we learn, women often want to share their newfound head covering knowledge with others, but Joy says her biggest regret was judging others that didn’t choose to cover and taking too much responsibility for changing the opinion of others.

Becoming too concerned with the nitty-gritty of head covering was Eleanor’s biggest downfall.

“[I regret] getting too caught up in self made rules about exactly what type and style when the Bible doesn’t really prescribe a certain type, style, or size,” she admits.

Caring about what others thought and getting defensive of the head covering practice also made the list on biggest head covering mistakes.

Learning the Heart of Covering

“Don’t make a mockery of a powerful symbol of the headship order only to disobey the very heart of the scripture. Be willing to submit to your husband (or father),” Eleanor warms.

“I have seen many sisters wear the veil because they want to be different or modest but then refuse to acknowledge the Biblical role of submission to the husband. The heart of the scripture is more important than the symbol of it.”

A Testimony to Encourage Continued Covering

One of the most powerful witness to covering is real life experiences. Ganeida shares a friend’s story concerning head covering that had eternal consequences.

“I have a covering friend in another country who shared this story with me about why she covers. She tells of a woman, homeless, without even enough money for coffee on a blistering cold day. [She was] wandering through the mall and bemoaning the fact she couldn’t even afford to end her own life. She thought, ‘I don’t even know how to pray. I wish I knew someone who could pray for me.’ Just then she saw a covered woman and thought to herself, ‘She looks like someone who knows how to pray.’ So she approached the woman who led her to Christ in a dressing room.”

The story has encouraged Ganeida to continue her commitment to head covering because she wants to look like ‘woman who knows how to pray’ for those who need the story of Jesus.

Elaine Mingus

Elaine Mingus always knew that some day she’d be a real writer. After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in journalism, she imagined herself walking up and down the streets of New York but instead found herself walking up and down the stairs of a house in the suburbs of Austin, Texas chasing six children. Today, she writes on the side, happily pimps a white picketed-fence and a minivan but still dreams of New York. She blogs regularly at Radical Christian Woman.

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  • Johannes Cilliers

    Concerning ladies like Eleanor who states that she was
    fearful due to internal or external opposition to cover her head the first time
    – I am a man but I think we often worry too much what others will say or think.
    I think in the majority of cases it is really not necessary to fret. It is
    likely that it’s only supposed and unnecessary fear. In a neighboring church
    close to us there is only one woman who always cover her head and nobody even
    blinks – everybody simply accepts it. Besides – nobody is giving a second
    thought about the dress code of Jews and Muslims.

    But the important thing is – as stated in the article – that
    you have to know why you do it.

    This is where it might become a issue as we live in a world
    with feminist attitudes which also entered many churches and therefore it you
    might feel you are out of place by covering your head. By covering your head
    you are making a stand for the Lord and what you are believing. The devil don’t
    like that. Therefore the subtle – and sometimes not so subtle opposition. Be
    courageous – the Lord is with you Concerning ladies like Eleanor who states
    that she was fearful due to internal or external opposition to cover her head
    the first time – I am a man but I think we often worry too much what others
    will say or think. I think in the majority of cases it is really not necessary
    to fret. It is likely that it’s only supposed and unnecessary fear. In a
    neighboring church close to us there is only one woman who always cover her
    head and nobody even blinks – everybody simply accepts it.

    Besides – nobody is giving a second thought about the dress
    code of Jews and Muslims. But the important thing is – as stated in the article
    – that you have to know why you do it.

    This is where it might become a issue as we live in a world
    with feminist attitudes which also entered many churches and therefore it you
    might feel you are out of place by covering your head. By covering your head
    you are making a stand for the Lord and what you are believing. The devil don’t
    like that. Therefore the subtle – and sometimes not so subtle opposition. Be
    courageous – the Lord is with as you honor Him and obey His Word.

    • Elaine Mingus

      Agreed. Our feminist culture (though I am thankful for the right to vote) has led us down a slippery path. We constantly are bombarded with images of sleek/sexy women, it’s hard to cover not just our heads but our bodies! Even my local BIG BOX store makes it difficult for me and my family to dress modestly (esp my little girls…see photo below of the difference in length for our girl’s shorts!).

      With even the stores are fighting modesty, I find it difficult as a mom of six to encourage my 5 girls to dress like I do and not as the world. This doesn’t even start to include head covering!

      Unfortunately women have a more difficult time sloughing off the need to appeal to others. Our struggle is different from a man (esp my husband who barely looks in a mirror except to shave!). There is so much emphasis on beauty, it’s hard to escape it…and unfortunately, even if we work really hard to shun vanity, it still remains difficult.

      Thanks for commenting. I wrote another HCM blog called “Head Covering in India” where I illustrate when an entire culture believes in modesty (and head covering), that the struggle becomes less difficult.

      • Chantelle Monroe

        Elaine, Are your parents supportive of your heacovering?

        • Elaine Mingus

          I’m 35 years old, so I don’t really ask their permission anymore. But they more or less seem fine with whatever I decide to do. They trust my judgement. I haven’t really gone into great detail with my father about it, my mother seems to nod her head when I talk about it but doesn’t practice it. I hope that answers your question!

    • Eleanor Rose McDonie

      (I am the same Eleanor btw) I was terrified that day and for many days thereafter. But you are absolutely correct…it really is fruitless worrying over what others think. It gets you no where. I am far from that place. I don’t care now about such things like I did. But it took quite a while to get there.

      Ultimately that covering represents something the world HATES. It is going to get some hate directed at it and the wearer on some level. You do have to learn to deal with that. I think it is something that takes time and experience, but MOST importantly it takes the help of God. He does get you through it.

    • Charity

      You do have to know why you do it. The pressure that women are undercan feel intense. There are so many messages bombarding us daily about how a woman should be. I think a lot of us as christians have left what the bible says a woman should be and we’ve compromised because we wanted to fit in with the world. it didnt happen overnight either. But with women being objectified and exploited in the media and dresses getting shorter and shorter, we have to draw the line somewhere.

  • Charity

    I found out about wearing a headcovering by discovering that orthodox christians often wear a veil. I had no clue what an orthodox christian was and it fascinated me. i got up the nerve to ask my pastor about it since I’m a single woman and he told me that it was basically up to me. I go to an all predominately african american pentecostal church. We sort of stress dressing your best for church: men wear suits and women wear a dress. Women wear big fancy hats if anything. very few wear hats but but nobody wears a scarf or tichel. I’m pretty young so a big church hat just looks like im in my mothers clothes. So i wore a headscarf one day and i mean I was taunted AT CHURCH. People snickered at me, called me a slave and aunt jemima. i was not expecting that at all. i felt really sorta bad and didn’t wear it again for a long time. Then i completely stopped. It gives you a certain vulnerability when you wear a headscarf. They gave me judgmental stares too like i was converting to islam. My own church I’ve been attending since birth utterly shocked me. I felt condemned and i felt judged. But now I’m considering buying more scarves and long dresses and I dont care what people think.

    • Ruthie

      Dear Charity,
      My heart goes out to you for having had such a traumatic experience your first time of headcovering. I will be praying that the Lord will give you the strength to follow your convictions. You are right. It doesn’t matter what people think. It only matters what God thinks. You have come to the right place for tons of info regarding headcovering and for much Godly advice. Prayerfully, Ruthie

      • Charity

        Thank you Ruthie. Yes, I’m glad I found this site.

    • Elaine Mingus

      My heart honestly breaks reading your testimony. I will pray that you have courage in the midst of persecution and tribulation. Unfortunately, some of the meanest people can be found in the church (just like Satan to tempt the brethren to condemn their own people, it’s more sad that we often take the bait).

      Please remain without offense, knowing that you are being sensitive to the Spirit. Pray that they can experience the beauty of God, because they are sorely missing out on God’s best (not just with head covering, but in love).

      I go to a non-head covering church and have had positive experience, but I live in a very liberal city that accepts almost anything!

      Please check out my blog RadicalChristinanWoman.com wear I show different styles, you can follow me on Instagram @ElaineMingus…the only reason I saw this is because it is often encouraging to see ‘how other women do it’. I recommend searching ‘Head Covering Christian Women’ on Facebook (click the ‘Groups’ tab on top to find a group).

      Feel free to message me on my Facebook page fb.com/elainemingus if you need personal encouragement.

      I’m so proud of you for sticking with it in light of such harsh words!

      • Charity

        Hi Elaine. Yes, isn’t it strange to be persecuted for doing something good at church? lol. I’ll definately check out your blog. its sort of difficult to find likeminded women and it can be very difficult to even figure out how to tie a headcovering or scarf without it looking crazy if your just beginning. But i think it has more to do with being confortable and confident with your convictions and decisions.

    • Eleanor Rose McDonie

      I am also sorry to hear your first experience went poor. Honestly I had folks laugh at me too. Eventually I lost a job over it at one point. I a blessed to be able to stay at home now, so it is irrelevant. But at the time it was scary. Some ladies experience very little hardship about the covering, some quite a lot. My experience has been far more unkind words from Christians than non believers. (I had a very close family member call me Aunt Jemima too.)

      It really can vary about covering experiences. Because of I have a youtube account with covering related videos I have had many emails over the years, by many ladies. I have seen so many different walks about it. Some are able to do it with little taunting. Some have had to make big changes in their lives because it cause so many issues. The important thing is to follow God no matter what other’s think or say. It hurts at the time when people are mean and cutting, but you will be stronger for it in the end. I typically do try to warn sisters when they want to cover, that not all will have it easy and be prepared for it.

      Feel free to friend me on FB too. I do agree it is good to get some covering friends or fellowship somehow on the topic. Without that over the years I wouldn’t be covering now.

      It shocks folks at first, for a while people might tease and hound you…..HOWEVER eventually they back off if you stay firm on it. It becomes a new normal and they pay little attention after a time. Finally you get to place where it is just part of you and you don’t think about it a whole lot.

      Sometimes I will be out shopping and suddenly notice someone staring curiously, then I realize why. I smile, and move on. Sometimes they, sometimes not. The strangers are easy. The people you know, that is the hard part. But eventually they all see it on your and get used to it. It takes time though. It takes bravery. You CAN do it! It might be hard, but you get through with the help of God.

      For me, I am pretty long since past caring what other’s think of my attire. The only one I really heed there is my husband as is proper. radicallyforjesus AT gmail.com

      • Charity

        Eleanor, thank you so much for your encouraging words. I wish I could have spoken with you first so you could have given me a heads up about this. lol. I would have never thought people would react that way. Anyways, I’m gonna take your advice. I’ll choose a day and just stick with my decision.

    • Sara June Thompson

      How about trying the church hats. That’s what I wear. I also wear wide headbands for inside covering, like personal or family devotions, home Bible study etc. You can often get them on sale cheaply at the end of the season. If that’s the type of covering that is worn at your church, it might help, especially to start. The one in my profile picture I got at Kmart for 14.00 on clearance. (You can also pay a lot for fancy hats and you might not find out that is your style). I am so sorry that you were given such a hard time. I wonder if it’s cututral? Perhaps back when there was slavery, were slave women required to wear “Aunt Jemima” type scarves and free women allowed to wear hats? I don’t know, just asking since that was the kind of taunting you got. Completely inexcusable for them to treat you like that regardless if there is some kind of history to that. God bless you.

      • Charity

        Hi Sara, yes wide headbands are so easy to use. And why not, I could try a hat. I may be shocked.

    • Regina

      Dear Charity,
      I’m so very sorry that happened to you. How immature and heartless those people were.
      I think you are wise to continue to cover. Just pray before you go to church. Sounds like you really need encouragement. This site is really good plus there are Yahoo Groups like Prayercoverings 3 that can be a great source of fellowship with other women who cover.

    • Only Visiting This Planet

      Charity, they may need your example! First, you must be sure that what you are doing, you are doing unto The Lord, then just think how people who would mock and harrass need prayer and compassion.
      Something is missing and you could help bring about change. Don’t let them wallow in shallowness or fear of change, past hurts, or whatever causes them to react that way. Also consider that time has passed and they may have matured in the word and nobody will say boo. If you cover with conviction and approach with compassion, you can step out and stand out, and possibly make a difference with a positive impact upon people’s lives. Following God’s direction and personal conviction isn’t always easy but it sure is worth it. God bless you, Charity.

    • Chantelle Monroe

      Charity, I’m sorry you experienced negativity. Our country acts like we have full freedom and acts like it triumphs individuality but in reality society is very critical of anything different until they warm up to it. The first time I wore a headcovering to church I also went with no makeup. No one said anything but yes I thought I heard some snickers, and for sure got a few questions afterwards.

  • Sara June Thompson

    What a wonderful testimony of looking like a “woman who knew how to pray” and saving a homeless lady from ending her life. Praise God.

  • Julie L.

    Thank you for the article. I had a rough experience the first time I told my family I was going to cover. I will respect this person by not revealing who they are. But they tried to tell me it is un-Biblical and no longer necessary in today’s culture. That the Corinthians were such horrible and sinful people that they needed this symbol ((I think many Americans are even worse today)). And that all of that studying and praying I did about it was nothing.

    It hurt because I was really relying on this person for support and expected them to be enthusiastic. Instead I was mocked and demeaned. This did not stop me though, because I received such a strong conviction from the Holy Spirit, that nothing was going to stop me. Not my family, not my friends, not my church family, not my co-workers. Instead I continue to pray that this family member will grow in their knowledge of The Word and in their relationship with Yeshua, Jesus.

    I’m surprised over the years to see more opposition from those inside The Church, rather than outside. I see two main reasons for this: #1 the enemy HATES head coverings! He knows the power behind it and he will try everything in his power – including those you love – to keep you from wearing it. #2 The Church is no longer taught this Biblical principle. The pastors are told to NOT teach it – because it is so “controversial”. Instead they choose to focus more on the “bigger things”.

    But there are a few brave pastors who refuse to go with culture, and choose to teach the full Word of God. I pray that my husband and I can find a church like that. Until then, I am using this site to find support because I don’t personally know any other woman in my life or even in my city who covers. But to Him be all the glory for giving me the strength to do this for several years now. I am stronger than ever in my convictions 🙂

    • Ruthie

      I’m very encouraged by your convictions to cover and refusing to yield to the pressures of others for 2 years and counting:-)
      Praise the Lord!

      • Julie L.

        To Him be all the glory! 🙂 I just had a similar experience with a different family. Because I also dress modestly, they told me I stand out from the crowd too much. Praise God!!!

    • Chantelle Monroe

      Julie, did you just let your family see you in a heacovering the first time, or tell them specifically beforehand? I debated then just debuted it without fanfare.

      • Julie L.

        In my first story above, this was a few years ago. I called them over the phone to discuss how excited I was to be obeying the Bible in this area. This was before I even bought my first head covering.

        But more recently, I visited my family wearing a head covering and a very modest dress. I was told by a different family member that I needed to not “draw negative attention to myself”. I discussed how it’s not me that is wrong, but the culture. We are COMMANDED to be different and distinct. If we dress like the world, it’s probably because we are too much a part of it.

  • Lisa

    What a blessing it has been to find this article reflecting wisdom yet strength with humility! I’ve been covering for 20+ years, mostly by my self among family, friends, and church. I was simply led by the Spirit through a desire to be a woman pleasing to the LORD. I had gone through the Scriptures listing the qualities of women both pleasing and displeasing. I honestly wasn’t even thinking about clothing, etc! But I came across issues of modesty in behavior, presentation, and spirit, and how they were dealt with…rewarded or disciplined depending on the situation. I began to think, “God doesn’t change. What must He think about this now?” Then I came across the passage in 1 Cor. 11…..I asked my husband about it, and he thought the teaching was pretty plain and gave me the go-ahead to follow my conviction. MUCH more “water has gone under the bridge” since then…but that’s a testimony for another time????

  • Tina

    I found this today and I am so thankful I did. It was so encouraging. Back i n 2009 I opened my bible to 1Corinthians 11 and started reading. As I approach the scriptures on modest dressing my heart started racing…(my past was abusive, I was raped at 16 and again in my 20’s which led to 10 years of abuse) to say that I NEVER wore dresses or skirts or anything that was revealing. as I continued to study…The LORD made it clear HE wanted me to start wearing skirts.
    This had me in fear..I was fighting it…and yet I knew I would not win. After three days I surrendered…but had no money…(that is a testimony in itself) I prayed and I was led to Freecycle.org where you post for items needed. Usually you go to the person who has what you need, well let me tell you…within 24 hours I had 20 skirts at my door…PRAISE!!! Well I wrestled to put one on and I was not happy….BUT GOD….I woke up and heard HIM say don’t be afraid I will protect you!!! OK!!! I stepped into the skirt and quickly I felt a shift in my heart and soul…I was embracing who I was as a woman but most importantly as HIS daughter.
    Then I read the covering scriptures….What I asked? Cover? As I began to study…I heard GOD ask, Will you do this? I don’t understand…I am to wear long skirts and cover? YES! I prayed and prayed and I heard..By doing these two acts of obedience you are surrendering to my authority in your life and saying you completely trust my leading and and authority.
    Ladies let me tell you I put up a fight….BUT I did obey what the LORD was calling me to do.
    In doing so I was abandoned, isolated,judged and told I was being to literal of the scriptures…With the coverings GOD provided..I had covers coming from out of state along with teachings and I was obedient for a short time…Though I knew it was right, the hurt I sustained from the church…I stopped covering and eventually stopped wearing skirts all together.
    In 2015 I was researching something else and the link to here showed up….well again…I had that same over whelming feeling ….I did more research and found even more evidence that YES covering is for today…did I obey? NO!!!
    Here I am 2016…I have been wearing skirts full time and well I am back again seeking and needing encouragement and like minded sister’s to talk to. I am alone here, and that in itself can be heart breaking especially when what you will be doing will be all time.
    In closing I look forward to hearing from you maybe even correspond with you via email, text or call.
    I am so thankful for having this time to share with you, Thank you for an awesome place to come for encouragement. Love and Blessings

    “Prayer is meant by GOD to be a wartime walkie talkie, not a domestic intercom”

    “Prayer is not for the enhancement of our comforts, but for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom”

    A Hunger for GOD, Desiring GOD Through Fasting and Prayer
    John Piper

    • Julie L.

      Praise God for leading you here! Thank you for sharing your testimony. I want to encourage you to follow your convictions and never give up. The enemy hates it when you are obedient and he will try to stop you. But listen to the Holy Spirit. Follow God, and bring Him Glory through your continued obedience.

      • Tina

        Hi Julie,

        Thank you for the encouragement!!! 🙂

        • Julie L.

          That’s what I’m here for 🙂 To Him be all the glory.

      • Tina

        Do you cover all the time?

        • Julie L.

          Yes, I cover “full time” because I always want to have the reminder of being in submission to Christ and to my husband. Also because I don’t want to take it on and off every time I pray. There are many other reasons (which I came to from studying Scripture), but I highly respect any woman who only covers during corporate worship.

          • Chantelle Monroe

            Julie, did you start off with Sundays, and prayer only covering?

          • Julie L.

            I jumped right in with both feet. As soon as I learned about it, I talked with my husband and we eventually agreed. About 2 weeks later my first head coverings arrived in the mail. The very next day I was wearing it to work (at a major home-improvement retailer). I talked to my boss about it and since it didn’t conflict with dress code, I was allowed to wear it. I have not gone a day without it since then.

            Oddly enough, about a month after covering my head, we attended a new church (which we have since left/got kicked out of because we take the Bible too seriously). But I was definitely the only women who covered. And to this day I still haven’t bumped into any Christian woman who covers. But praise God that He has given me the strength to continue.

    • Only Visiting This Planet

      When I 1st started to cover, I didnt know anyone who did or any scripture concerning it. After being told by doctors it was impossible, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Less than a year later, she suddenly took ill and doctors thought she only had hours to days to live. Devestated, while nurses were busy with her an I needed to get out of their way, I took a walk. Praying as I walked, I heard my footseps say cover your head. Passing it off at 1st as my imagination, it grew louder and I stopped. A clear voice now said cover your head. I asked God if it was Him and was filled with warmth. I grabbed a scarf and covered my head, then began a search of scripture. My daughter made a miraculous recovery and grew up to be a nurse. People made fun of me, but it didnt matter. Eventually, I found others and joined a Mennonite church, but then moved. Later, my husband was against it. That caused the most turmoil of all. I dont even remember when I stopped covering, but did for several years. Over time, my marraige crumbled, almost lead to divorce, then adultery which I made clever excuses for, then came depression so deep I could no longer ignore it. Repentance and change followed. I went back to church. One day in church, I felt totally naked and revisited the scriptures concerning head covering. An understanding pastor gave me a small blanket that day when my daughter told her I needed to cover my head. It felt silly, but then obedience felt quite right. At home I searched around and found nothing to wear but an old doily, but it sufficed until something better came along. More healing inside and many talks later, my husband and I, both having come to repentance, made plans to buy a house on Valentines Day, not because we put much stock in V-Day, but it did seem appropriate. That day was spent instead, saying goodbye (for now) in the hospital after my husband suddenly collapsed. The white cover on my head gave way to a longer black veil that let me cover a tearful face. Seeing his favorite snacks in the grocery store could bring a stream of tears, and being in a wheelchair, people would think I needed an ambulance. The black veil avoided unwanted attention as I struggled to do normal chores without tears. Nobody around me covers and sometimes people are scared of me because they mistake my cover for a Muslim covering although it looks nothing like it, but some people are automatically scared of anyone who looks Muslim. That’s new! People used to just laugh at me and call me Amish like it was a dirty word. I do suppose that when able, I will come up with a better head cover, (this one is a little too fancy for my taste but the material was cheap.), but I will not stop just because I dont have enough money for something else. Over the years, I have found that obedience to scripture brings joy, even when life brings heartache. A widow now, with no husband or earthly father, I still have a heavenly Father who deserves my respect. At present, I am looking for a better design but it will take time for these crippled hands with limited resources to make something new. Until then, the simple black veil that slides into my hair with a hair comb sewed to it will do. Its personal. Head covering should always be personal, not a church thing, but I would feel more comfortable with other ladies who cover as well, like I did when with the Mennonites. As a side effect, if I feel tempted to lose my temper, the cover on my head which I normally dont feel will suddenly become very noticeable to me and I hold my tongue, and putting it on reminds me that people need a good example to bring glory to God. People have approached me for prayer because they saw a head cover and The Lord has used that to help other people. Sometimes people accuse women who cover of having a different kind of vanity, but God knows the heart and will use obvious obedience as a tool to draw the attention of people in need. Those who dont cover can also stand out in a different way, through modest clothing alone, or a graceful attitude.

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      Is it permissible to give out email addresses here? Or other social media contact?

      • Tina

        Hi, I don’t know.. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.
        Did you want to leave yours?

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          Line Chat id: hannahsong
          Line chat has multiple options and allows easy discussion. It does not have articles like here, but allows private and group chats, pic sharing and voice messages and could be a nice extension to talking here with instant messaging.

          • Tina

            Hi, how are you?

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  • Barbara Bliss

    A wonderful Christian lady friend of mine started this cottage business several years ago In Arkansas on Etsy. She’s listed under surgical hats; but these coverings are beautiful any time. Please look her hats up on http://www.etsy.com/shop/Headlids I miss her very much. I live in SE Texas now. We had wonderful fellowship when I saw her in AR.

  • Kari Campbell

    I found your you tube video and site today and am so glad I did 🙂 . I am Catholic (converted) and recently been called to practice the use of the mantilla — and being in a small community in the south, the idea of it was initially intimidating . I have done quite a bit of research and prayer over this and the calling remains – and so I began (last week) to veil at church. Coming across your site today brings me happiness and thoughts to try, not just the mantilla at church but possibly different types of headcoverings while I am out and about and even at church – but I do wonder, is it appropriate wrap my hair in the Catholic church? I really don’t know and so I am hoping you might have an answer.. or encouragement 🙂

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