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The Practice of Headcoverings in the New Testament Church (Sermon)

Head Covering Sermons

Preacher: William O. Einwechter | Sermon Length: 1hr 10min (+15min of Q&A)  | Year preached: Sept 27, 2015

William O. Einwechter

William O. Einwechter is a teaching elder at Immanuel Free Reformed Church. He is a graduate of Washington Bible College (B.A.) and Capital Bible Seminary (Th.M.) and was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1982. He is the vice president of the National Reform Association and editor of the periodical “The Christian Statesman.” He is the author of “Ethics and God’s Law” and “English Bible Translations: By What Standard?” and editor of the book “Explicitly Christian Politics.” His writings have appeared in “The Christian Statesman,” “Chalcedon Report,” and “Patriarch.” He and his wife Linda are the parents of 10 children.

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Editors note: This is a fantastic sermon. Very helpful info. Highly recommended.

No Other (Head Covering) Gospel

No other (Head Covering) Gospel...

I walked wearing my tichel-style head covering on a recent mission trip to Haiti. At first, my teammates assumed that I covered for fashion purposes. Soon it was revealed that I believed in Christian head covering. The questions started rolling in. Like most American Christians, head covering was as foreign as the Haitian soil we were standing on!

I tried to explain it all as best I could under pressure. Most of the women were mesmerized with the entire teaching. Like many American Christians they haven’t given much thought to the idea of head covering, much less met anyone that covered.

No one joined me in covering during the six days I bunked with them even though I covered for most of the trip, but seeds were planted. At least that’s all I can hope for.

As head covering Christian women, we love to introduce to other people how covering has revolutionized our hearts. This is a beautiful thing. It’s how we were created — with a desire to see people live in the fullness of Christ. Read more

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