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10 Ideas for Organizing Your Head Covering Collection

10 Ideas for Organizing Your Head Covering Collection

“Nooooo, Mom! No more scarves!” my oldest daughter pleaded with me.

“But I need a navy one! The one I have is too blue and they are so cheap,” I said in response while shopping with my kids.

I want to say that this is an isolated situation, but it’s not. Just days later I was in another store and the sign posted said, “Saturday and Sunday only, all scarves half off!”

I’m such a sucker for head coverings and a good deal. The combination was just too much to pass by. I couldn’t decide which one I like the most, but because of the wisdom of my children I only bought two.

When I started covering a little over a year ago, I only had two rogue scarves that had somehow managed to pass all my prior purging sessions, but now I don’t know how many I have.

Are you like me? Has your discovery of head covering opened up a new obsession with tichels, scarves and mantillas? Has your collection gone overboard?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to stop buying scarves. I can’t burden you with a command that I can’t follow myself!

But I will give you some tips on how to organize all those beautiful head covers.

Tip: Make sure that whatever you use to display/store your head covers won’t snag or ruin your scarves in anyway.

10 Ideas for Organizing Your Head Covering Collection

1) Lack closet space?

Utilize an over the door shoe rack. Each pocket of a shoe rack can hold up to three scarves. Organizing your head covering collection by color-coding each pocket will make matching your outfit that much easier! See here.

2) Want to multipurpose your head coverings?

Install a long decorative curtain rod over a window and drape them over the rod. You get a makeshift curtain AND scarf storage! (Tip: Scarves will fade when exposed to sunlight, so use a window that doesn’t get direct sun.) See it here.

3) Want to display your scarf collection?

Collect old wooden storage crates and attach them to a wall to make a vintage inspired head scarf display anywhere in the house! See here.

If you can locate an office mailsorter, this is a great way to display a large scarf collection. See it here.

4) Want to keep your collection under wraps?

Buy inexpensive plastic shower curtain rings and snap them onto a hanger. You can loop two scarves per ring and then hide them among your other hanging clothes. See here.

5) Have a spare drawer?

Slice a PVC pipe into 2″ sections that can fit the depth of your drawer. Fold and roll up your scarves into each space. See it here.

6) Have seasonal scarves?

Buy an ornament storage box. The tiny sections are great for storing head coverings that aren’t seasonally appropriate. See it here.

7) On a budget?

A sleek rope and some clothespins (vintage inspired ones are super cute) will do the trick. String the rope across, lay your head coverings over it and pin in place. This idea works almost anywhere. See it here.

Or you can attach the clothespins to a wooden 1×1 board and clip those head scarves in place for an uber awesome way for organizing your head covering collection. See it here.

8) Want to repurpose?

Use the hardware for a curtain tieback for hanging multiple scarves in a small amount of space. Instead of installing the holdback sideways, install it upwards so the scarves stay put. See it here.

9) Want an easy solution?

Go to your nearest store and purchase a scarf hanger. They are velveteen and will keep those silky scarves from snagging. See it here.

10) Are you the lazy organizer?

This is my go-to for scarf storage. Get a box and shove each scarf with nonloving care into it. Every day, throw them all on the floor and go fishing for your favorite head covering ensemble. This isn’t the most efficient or presentable was for organizing your head covering collection (and they might all end up a little wrinkled) but at the end of the day, I’m covered. And that’s what matters!

Final Thoughts…

Whatever your organization methods, assess your space, your ability to keep things actually organized and your budget to determine which fits your personality best.

And as always, remember that anything (even the purchase of head coverings) can become a stumbling block to the true reason we cover — which is to give glory to our creator.

As for me, I think it’s time to take a head covering buying sabbatical. At least for a little while!

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