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The Ultimate Head Covering Blog Post Roundup

Headcovering Blog Post Roundup

When you are first starting your head covering journey, stories from women who already cover are a great encouragement.

When you are struggling to maintain the practice of head covering or feel alone in your practice, testimonies can be the light in a very dark place.

Satan comes to discourage us from keeping the commandments of God, but the Bible says that we can overcome Him by the word of their testimony. (Rev 12:11) Since 2013, The Head Covering Movement has kept an ongoing record of blog posts, news articles and videos that support our view of head covering1) There are a few mixed in that aren’t supportive of head covering which were still relevant to this site’s readers. . While those posts have been helpful on a weekly basis, we know it’s hard to comb through an entire blog looking for multiple posts. So, to make it easier we’ve combined over three years of posts and put them in one place for you.

Bookmark this page and visit it often when you need advice, encouragement or clarity.

    1. Head Covering in Modern Times. Is This A Necessary Practice? (Children Are A Blessing)
    2. Sunday Brunch – Should Women Cover Their Heads? (Cecelia’s Christian Fiction Blog)
    3. Head-Covering: Is It Still Relevant? (Regeneration, Repentance and Reformation)
    4. So…head covering…yes or no? (Blessed Hope Farm)
    5. This Is Me #10 (The Candle Underneath the Looking Glass)
    6. Head Coverings – Two Spiritual Statements (Christian Fellowship Church – India)
    7. Head Coverings and Christianity (Reformed Christian Theology)
    8. Head Coverings for Sisters, Should they? (Wheatland Bible Chapel)
    9. What we believe on head covering in church. (Three Girls and their Hobbies)
    10. My Experience With Head Coverings (Penned by Katrina)
    11. More-Less for 2014 and my childish impatience that changed my life (Blessed Hope Farm)
    12. Thought for Thursday (Sussex Gospel Hall)
    13. The Head Covering: Ordinance or Custom: Part 1 (Bible League Trust)
    14. Headcoverings (Infertility Mom)
    15. Why Your Hair Is Not Your “Head Covering” (YouTube / Know Jesus First)
    16. Head Coverings and Skirts (The Proper ‘Biblical!’ Lady)
    17. Why I wear a hat to church (Stray Thoughts)
    18. Desires of The Flesh // in Nautical Inspired Cardigan (Fresh Modesty)
    19. Ethics: Pastor Requires Women Wear Head Coverings! (Here I Blog)
    20. Christian Head Coverings – Q&A (YouTube / Know Jesus First)
    21. Head Covering in Real Life (Radical Christian Woman)

  1. Faith in the Head Covering (Another Radical Reformation)
  2. A day in the life… to cover or not to cover (The Creation Order Mandate)
  3. God’s Glory Alone is to be Seen in the Public Worship Service (A Ruby in the Rough)
  4. Campaign encourages head coverings for women (St. Joseph News-Press)
  5. Web Users Want to Know: ‘Why Do Christian Women Cheat, Wear Skirts, Cover Their Heads?’ (The Christian Post: Buzzvine)
  6. The Head Covering: Ordinance or Custom: Part 2 (Bible League Trust)
  7. Take the hats off when you pray, boys.  (Ryan Douglas Scott)
  8. Is Headcovering Divisive? (Truth at Home)
  9. The church in the funeral home – and veiled women (Kathryn Judson)
  10. Are Head Coverings Really for Today? (Evangelical Focus)
  11. People’s Reactions to my Christian Head Covering(And Why God’s Opinion Matters More) (YouTube)
  12. Why Do You Wear A Headcovering? (Radical Femininty)
  13. Headcoverings, Pound Cake and Super Cute Kitties (Homemaker’s Hideaway)
  14. Why Women Refuse To Cover Their Heads When Praying, By Clerics (The Guardian: Nigeria)
  15. Head Coverings – Some Exegetical Analysis of 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 (Thoughts of Francis Turretin)
  16. Secular Quebec revolts against religious symbol ban (World Magazine)
  17. Why I Cover (The Brown Bank)
  18. This Man Loves His Wife (Always Learning)
  19. Why I Wear a Head-Covering (Not My Own)
  20. 1 Corinthians 11: Principle versus Practice (Missional Leadership)
  21. The Headcovering – It’s Not Just An Assembly Thing (Digital Sojourner)
  22. A Long-Lost Secret of God to Strengthen Our Prayer Lives and Marriages (Jesus, My Bible & I)
  23. Come Peek Into My Closet, And You Will Find… (Molding into a Lady)
  24. On my Heart, About my Head. (Home with the Boys)
  25. Headcovering testimony of Sister Jessica (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
  26. My Head Covering Haul From Five Below (Radical Christian Woman)
  27. Clothed in Christ (Bible League Trust)
  28. My Favorite Head Covering Styles (YouTube)
  29. What Has Come Over Me: Why I’m Wearing Head Covering (After “Normal” Ends)
  30. History of the Anabaptist Head Covering (Another Radical Reformation)
  31. Why I Love To Wear A Head Covering (Bruderhof)
  32. Barber refuses to cut transgender Army veteran’s hair, citing religious views (The Washington Post)
  33. Tichel Tying on a Budget (Radical Christian Woman)
  34. The Irrationality of Ralph Woodrow’s View of Christian Head Covering (Reformed Christian Theology)
  35. Rethinking Covering (Modern{ish} Life)
  36. Husband on Head Covering (ModestGeneration910)
  37. The Blessings of Headcovering (Truth at Home)
  38. Ahn Sahng-hong, Cambodia, and Head Coverings (Reformed Christian Theology)
  39. Index (aka Another Missed Deadline) (A Kiwi and an Emu)
  40. My Thoughts on Head Coverings (Modest Modern Maidens)
  41. Why do women from different cultures and religions cover their hair? (Modest Fashion Blog)
  42. Head Covering (YouTube)
  43. Woman to Woman (Premier Christian Radio)
  44. The Command about Head Coverings (Disciples Perspective)
  45. Christian Head Covering – Lesson 101 (Radical Christian Woman)
  46. Headcovering Testimony—Why I Cover (Maiden for Jesus)
  47. The days when people wore hats (The Daily Republic)
  48. What A Beautiful Day For A Godly Wedding!!! (Lilac Cottage Homemaker)
  49. Uncovering the Head Covering Debate (Christianity Today)
  50. Why I Cover My Head At Church (Peacefulwife’s Blog)
  51. Head coverings a key symbol of Amish culture (Ohio’s Amish Country)
  52. Christian Lady’s Head Covering (Mama Economics)
  53. Why Christian Women Want To Wear Head Coverings (Radical Christian Woman)
  54. Head covering for Christian women (YouTube)
  55. So Long, Cute Hair Do (After “Normal” Ends)
  56. Let’s Get Traditional, Traditional. (A Kiwi and an Emu)
  57. Complementarian Exegesis and Head Coverings (Blog of a Blathering Barbarian)
  58. Head Covering: What it is and Why I Do It (The Biblical Family)
  59. Why I Believe Head Coverings In Worship Are For Today (The Cross Is All We Need)
  60. Best Place To Buy Christian Head Coverings (Radical Christian Woman)
  61. My headcovering testimony(Part 2)–what made me decide to cover full-time (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
  62. Should women wear head coverings? (Dominic Bnonn)
  63. Swing And A Miss (The Voice of One Crying Out In Suburbia)
  64. The Recovery of Headcovering Practice (1 Cor 11) Uplifts And Furthers Complementarianism (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
  65. New Yorkers Less Receptive to Gospel of Jesus Christ 14 Years After 9/11, Says Mennonite Missionary (Christian Post)
  66. Long Hair IS NOT the Head Covering! (Reformed Christian Theology)
  67. Why I Don’t Wear a Headcovering (Yet) (Calico Sisters)
  68. The Practice of Head Coverings in the Church (Disciples Perspective)
  69. Testimony of my spiritual transformation (Part 2) (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
  70. Accepting the Head Covering as a Creation Order Biblical Mandate (The Creation Order Mandate)
  71. My Headcoverings (A Glimpse into my Heart) (Truth at Home)
  72. How About That Head Covering? (Pursue Righteousness)
  73. Is obedience in wearing headcoverings a salvation issue? (The Cross Is All We Need)
  74. The Blessed Minority?A Word Of Encouragement To Our Headcovering Sisters (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
  75. Mexican Wedding: A Celebration in Simplicity (YouTube)
  76. Natasha’s Headcovering Testimony ? || How we wear them! (Garlands of Grace)
  77. A Picture of Christ and His Church Pt 2 (CRC Chesapeake)
  78. Alexandra || How we wear them! (Garlands of Grace)
  79. Head Covering A Symbol To The Unseen Realm (The Christian Journey)
  80. Headcovering (Lost and Found by Grace)
  81. The Case for Covering (Without Caring Twopence)
  82. Do Christian women cover their head? (Loving Head Covering)
  83. Head Covering, Part 2: My fear of legalism cannot steal the joy of obedience (Separate & Together)
  84. Diversity in the church of Christ (YouTube)
  85. Head Covering – My Testimony (The Journey of a Lifetime)
  86. Why I Started Covering My Head (This Passionate Pursuit)
  87. 1 Corinthians 11 – Headcovering (Dudley Gospel Hall)
  88. Homemade Headcoverings For 18-Inch Dolls (Frugal Abundance)
  89. Black & White ~ Hard Question of Headcovering (A Blossoming Homestead)
  90. Straight from the Word – 1 Corinthians 11 (Titus 25)
  91. Supreme Court to decide if banning hijab at work is legal (State Column)
  92. LETTER: Modesty of attire admired (NewCastle Herald)
  93. Should New Testament Christian women wear a veil today? (YouTube)
  94. Modest Monday: Garlands of Grace Review and GIVEAWAY!!!! (Raising Soldiers for Christ)
  95. The history of headcoverings in the Church (Examiner.com)
  96. It’s never too late for Easter bonnets (With God’s Help)
  97. Head Coverings and a Consistent Biblical Hermeneutic (Reformed Christian Theology)
  98. Covered by the Lord (Jessica White)
  99. Why is headcovering so hard? (Truth at Home)
  100. A Letter to Todd Friel About Head Coverings (Reformed Christian Theology)
  101. Christian Woman Headcovering Tichel Tutorial (Radical Christian Woman)
  102. A word of gratitude and encouragement for my fellow Indian head-covering sisters (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
  103. Communion, Baptism and Headcovering (The Christian Journey)
  104. Covenant Cloth (Thinking)
  105. Steve Anderson and Long Hair as the Head Covering (Reformed Christian Theology)
  106. Quotes from the 1600’s on Why Women Should Wear Headcoverings (The Cross Is All We Need)
  107. Headcovering: Now More Than Ever (The Voice of One Crying Out In Suburbia)
  108. Why I Cover My Head (The Realization of Good)
  109. Humiliating head coverings (Theology Geek NZ)
  110. The Headcovering as a Symbol of Submission (The Christian Woman’s Veil)
  111. A Call To Be Pioneers? Headcovering Sisters, Let Us Open A Way Where There Is No Way! (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
  112. The Practice of Head Coverings for Women in the Church (The Christian Journey)
  113. My head covering testimony (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
  114. Head Coverings Uncovered! (ModestGeneration910)
  115. Headcoverings // Update (Modest Modern Maidens)
  116. Reviving a Neglected Ordinance: The Meaning of the Headcovering (Truth at Home)
  117. Oh, I Submit Alright…But to What? (Enhance Lives)
  118. Headcoverings: Now and Forever or Then and Now Never? (A Kiwi and an Emu)
  119. How to Stand Out in Church (Truth at Home)
  120. The Biblical Pattern of the Local ChurchPart 2 and Part 3 (Inside the Bible Weekly)
  121. The Accidental Complementarian (Her.Meneutics / Christianity Today)
  122. Congratulations to our Pinterest Winner! (Joni and Friends)
  123. How I Packed For A Weekend in Florida (Fresh Modesty)
  124. K.P. Yohannan on Head Covering. (Domestic Felicity)
  125. Graduation, Flash Mob Praise, & Head Coverings (Jesus, My Bible & I)
  126. Free Online Headcovering Femininity Magazine… (With Propriety)
  127. Part 3(A): Modesty, Head Coverings, & Skirts…Oh MY!!! (Saavy Homemaking)
  128. Biblical Position on Hair and Hair Length | Covenanter Pamphlets (YouTube)
  129. Courage to cover (Becoming A Titus 2 Wife)
  130. Headcovering in Public Worship (Free Presbyterian Church)
  131. Should Christian women wear a headcovering at church? (The Free Press)
  132. Why Christian Women Cover Their Hair. (BibleStudy.net)
  133. A heartfelt thank-you letter from a Japanese veiled sister to my overseas brothers and sisters in Christ (地の果てまで福音を)
  134. A Very Useful Little Book on the History of the Church’s Response to First Corinthians 11:2-16 (Hidden Glory)
  135. FALL || WINTER Collection… (Garlands of Grace)
  136. How To Keep A Tichel From Sliding Off Your Head! (Hannah’s Headcoverings)
  137. Called to Cover our Heads? A Quick Breakdown of 1 Corinthians 11 (Ramblings of a Christian MOM!!)
  138. Principle 31 – Godly Disciplines for Assemblies (YouTube)
  139. The Headcovering as a Universal Practice (A Ruby in the Rough)
  140. Should Women Wear Head Coverings….? (YouTube)
  141. Headcoverings? Say what?! (A Fruitful Home)
  142. Review | Garlands of Grace (Fresh Modesty)
  143. Can We Have God AND Reject His Word? (Peaceful Wife)
  144. Outfit // Almost Here Darling (Calico Sisters)
  145. A Modern Woman and the Headcovering (A Wordy Woman)
  146. Grief over head coverings (Reformed Christian Theology)
  147. Hats of the past (Northeast Arkansas Town Crier)
  148. Headcovering & Cringing (Frugal Abundance)
  149. How I started to cover my head during worship (Christian, Crunchy, and Cooking)
  150. Some 60’s (Fresh Modesty)
  151. A Widespread, False Assertion about Corinthian Prostitutes and Paul’s Teaching about Head Coverings (A People For His Name)
  152. What is the historic view concerning head coverings for Christian women? (The Cross Is All We Need)
  153. Abercrombie’s Headscarf Policy Struck Down By Supreme Court (Newsy)
  154. Headcovering in a small town (YouTube)
  155. Case for Head Coverings: Part 1 – The Order of Creation (Living Transformed)
  156. A Smart Man’s View of Headcovering (Truth at Home)
  157. Creation Chronology in 1 Corinthians 11 (Creation without Compromise)
  158. One Powerful Proof Regarding The Validity Of The Christian Headcovering Doctrine (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)


 There are a few mixed in that aren’t supportive of head covering which were still relevant to this site’s readers.
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