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What About Men Like Samson Who Had Long Hair?

Head Covering Objections
The Objection: When Paul said that long hair on a man is disgraceful he must have being speaking about how it was viewed through the eyes of Corinthian culture. He couldn’t have been speaking about all men as those who took the Nazirite vow (like Samson) had long hair and that was approved by God.

Some object to the view that long hair should be worn only by women due to the fact that some men in the Bible had long hair too. Samson, a “Nazirite to God from the womb” (Judg 13:5) is one such example. His mother was told by an Angel of the LORD that “no razor shall come upon his head” (Judg 13:5). So if the Angel of the LORD told Samson’s mother that he was never to cut his hair, how can Paul say long hair on a man is disgraceful (1 Cor 11:14)? It’s a really good question. I believe this tension can be relieved by understanding that if God commands an exception for a specific purpose, it does not nullify the normal natural order. We can safely arrive at this harmonization by seeing God do this other times in the Scriptures. He has many times, for a specific purpose, told his people to do something that He is against. Let’s take a look at two such examples right now. Read more

Covering Testimony: Ashley Brown

Head Covering Testimonies
Name: Ashley BrownAge: 22Location: Long Island, New YorkStarted Covering: September 2013

Covering Testimony: Ashley Brown

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m 22 years old, born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Long Island.

My hobbies are writing music, playing piano, playing basketball, and doing anything fun. I’m an outgoing person- extremely open and maybe too friendly. I’m the kinda girl who basically knows everybody in the area I’m residing, but my actual friends are few. I really love The Lord so much and I’ve grown to the point where all I want to do is please Him and serve Him.

My family is absolutely awesome! We are a homeschooling family, my mom is super smart and super on fire for The Lord. My step dad is currently the worship leader at our church and he is loving, kind, gentle, and generous. I’m the middle child of seven and my siblings are my best friends.

I’ve always had a heart for missions, so this year I dedicated my time to doing my Father’s business out in China. It’s nothing special, just sharing the Word everywhere I go, leading by example, being set apart from worldly things and being ready to give an answer to all who ask of the faith I have. Nevertheless I know God has moved and changed me the most and I thank Him for that. Read more

Bruce Waltke Quote Image #2

Bruce Waltke Quote Image #2

Source: Bruce K. Waltke – 1 Corinthians 11:2-16: An Interpretation (BSAC 135:537, Jan 1978) – Page 56

What about Women Who Can’t Grow Their Hair Long?

Head Covering Objections
The Objection: It is not natural for all women to have long hair. Many women cannot grow their hair long even if they wanted to. Since entire people groups (African women for example) could leave their hair uncut and it still be short, it’s unfair to say all women should have it long.

It is often pointed out that some women don’t possess the ability to grow their hair long. If that is so, how can we say it’s natural for them to have long hair? First it’s important to establish that by “long hair” we don’t mean that all women worldwide must wear their hair long according to Western standards. “Long” must be understood culturally in contrast to the length of mens short hairstyles. Just like dressing modestly, there are some outfits which clearly do not fit the label no matter the culture. Likewise, there are some hairstyles which couldn’t be called ‘long’ no matter where one lives. However, there is a fair amount of subjectivity to it as well. A North American definition of modest attire for example, will actually be seen as immodest in some middle-Eastern countries. Likewise, we must not import our definition of “long” to other people groups where the texture of their hair differs or their short/long styles don’t parallel ours.

A Broken Picture

Once we’ve allowed some flexibility with our definition of long, there still remains the fact that some women cannot grow their hair to a length that would be considered “long” in their culture. Read more

Covering the Web: Feb 7/14

Covering The Web

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