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2020 Update on the Head Covering Movement

2020 Update for HCM

Hello everyone, this is Jeremy, the founder of the Head Covering Movement. I just wanted to provide a quick update and notify you of a few changes moving forward.

As you know, we’ve been quiet lately. This is due to two reasons: being short-staffed on the team and myself being busy completing a biblical studies degree (which I just finished a few weeks ago).

Now that I have more available time, I’d like to get back to more consistent content creation for HCM. The problem is when I did have time, it was spent doing website-related tasks such as posting graphics that share head covering quotes, uploading videos, making social media posts, etc. These are all good things but they kept me from writing and recording, which is where my time is best spent.

I tried to solve the problem by looking for a website manager along with a few other positions to free me up. Unfortunately, we received few responses and the ones that did apply weren’t the best fit for the job.

While the team openings will remain in hopes that the right people apply in the future, I will make some changes based on the team we currently have.

Here are the changes:

1) We will discontinue posting on Twitter in order to focus on Facebook and Instagram where the bulk of our engagement is.

2) Covering the Web will be discontinued after issue #13 is posted (later this month). Brandon Sanders (Covering the Web Coordinator) did a fantastic job but had to resign from the team due to work commitments. We would love to bring back this feature in the future should his replacement be found.

3) There will be no more “quote images” (starting May 1) until we have a social media manager.

4) All website comments will be disabled in the near future. This is long overdue as most discussion around our articles takes place on social media (this is true not just for us, but all blogs nowadays). If you want to comment on a future article we post, Facebook and Instagram are the best places to do so, or Youtube if it is a video.

Though these changes are subtractions to what we provide, they will allow us to focus more on getting you new articles and videos. Once again, if you believe you’re a good fit to join the HCM team, please apply here. We’re also looking for people to write for us and share their head covering testimonies.

William Greenhill Quote Image #1

William Greenhill Quote Image #1

Source: William Greenhill – Commentary on Ezekiel (Ch. 1:23)

Head Covering: The Book (Now available in Spanish for FREE!)

HCM Book - Facebook

HUGE NEWS! Jeremy Gardiner’s book “Head Covering: A Forgotten Christian Practice for Modern Times” has been fully translated into Spanish. Not only that, but we are making the entire book available for FREE! Today, chapters 1-8 are available to read online, and we will continue to publish the remaining chapters over the next few months.

Please bookmark and share this page with any of your Spanish speaking friends and family:

We want to give a huge thank you to Edgar A. Pérez who translated the first seven chapters and Marcus Reyes who finished the rest of the book. Thank you, brothers, for your service!


¡Excelentes noticias! el libro de Jeremy Gardiner “El Velo: Una práctica cristiana olvidada para tiempos modernos” ha sido completamente traducido al español y ¡No sólo eso! porque estamos preparando todo el libro, ¡Gratis! Ya tenemos los capítulos 1 al 8 listos para su lectura en linea y continuaremos publicando los capítulos restantes los próximos meses.⁠

Por favor guarda y comparte esta página con todos tus amigos hispanoparlantes y tu familia.⁠

Damos un enorme agradecimiento a Edgar A. Pérez quien tradujo los primeros 7 capítulos y a Marcus Reyes quien finalizó el resto de la obra. Gracias hermanos por su labor.

Matthew Watson Quote Image #1

Matthew Watson Quote Image #1

#HeadCoveringMotivation (#8)

#HeadCoveringMotivation (#8)

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