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Vanessa Loy

I have two questions: What is your opinion of the woman in Luke 7 who uncovered her head, and why were Old Testament men not forbidden from wearing head coverings?

Jeremy Gardiner

1. I believe this is a symbol relating to corporate Christian worship, not one that must be worn all the time. John Murray (who’s quote is above) made mention of this is point #3 here: http://www.headcoveringmovement.com/articles/head-coverings-and-decorum-in-worship-a-letter-by-john-murray

2. Because it’s a new symbol only for those under the New Covenant. Corporate Christian worship looks different than worship in the OT. We baptize, we partake of the Lord’s supper, there’s spiritual gifts for mutual edification and there’s head covering (to name a few). All which (at least in this form) did not happen in the OT.


Another thought, since the Church is typified by marriage, the willing submission of woman to man (and the symbol there of) shows our relationship to Christ. We joyfully subject ourselves to Him, (men and women) and give the picture of Christ and His bride. Christ cannot submit to us, and to be willing to give testimony to that (to the angels), must have some importance. Both the willingness of men to lead, and the willingness of women to let them. Just as in marriage, you can’t demand the other person take their role, Christ does not demand it, but it brings great joy and rest when you are fully submitted to Him.

Vanessa Loy

Still, the verse only references prayer and prophecy. Why would a woman need to cover her head for the entire worship service when she is neither praying nor prophesying?

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