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New Book: A Return to Head Covering (by Carlton C. McLeod)

Our friend Dr. Carlton C. McLeod has released his book on head covering. Visit this page to learn more info or purchase the paperback ($7) or PDF ($2).


Friends, thank you for your interest in my latest book, A Return to Head Covering! 

I know the subject matter isn’t the most popular in the world, especially in light of the stigma associated with the practice (that’s putting it mildly!).  

Well, I’d like to put you at ease:

  • I’m not attempting to force anyone to do anything 
  • I’m not a legalist, and this book isn’t about legalism
  • I don’t embrace some imbalanced view of “patriarchy” 
  • I’m not a muslim or a hebrew israelite 🙂

I am a protestant, evangelical, Spirit-filled, trinitarian, husband, father, and pastor who believes in the inerrancy, infallibility, inspiration, and sufficiency of the Holy Bible and that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God and God the Son.  I believe that one is saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone!

I actually stumbled into this book quite innocently, simply by teaching through 1 Corinthians as a local church pastor trying to be faithful to the Text of Scripture.  This book expands upon the sermon I initially preached on 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, chronicles a bit of my journey since then, and attempts to explain some of the more confusing verses (see the “Because of the Angels” and “It’s Not Hair” chapters) in a bit more detail.

As controversial as this subject is, please know that I’m NOT a glutton for punishment!  I wrote this book for two primary reasons:

  1. First, I wrote this book because I love my church family.  I want the book to be both an apologetic and an encouragement for them.  Some of our sisters cover.  Some do not.  Regardless, we are still charged with preaching the Gospel and walking in love.  My desire is that this book will, at a minimum, help all parties understand and communicate what we believe to visitors, family, and friends in a godly way.
  2. Many who heard the sermon online asked for more information.  I pray this effort is a blessing to them.

Friends, whether you agree or disagree with my conclusions, I think you will enjoy this very thought-provoking book.

May the LORD bless you as you labor in His vineyard,

Carlton C. McLeod


Carlton C. McLeod

Thanks so much Jeremy! Love ya brother!


I’m excited about a new book supporting the Christian woman’s head covering. We need all the support we can get.

Susan Neely

I grew up in a group that wears head coverings only during church. I remember thinking, even as a child, that it seemed that we should wear something on our heads all the time….we didn’t just pray in church.. I live in an area, now, with a great many Mennonites and Amish. I have met some Amish that have come out of that legalistic cult. Three dilemmas face me: I have no husband, I don’t know what kind of head covering they are talking about(I don’t want to look like a Muslim…but I think they might have it right…I know it doesn’t mean a doily or invisible cap..Finally, thinking of the dress at the time Paul lived and taught…men and women dressed in togas except the women had more of a veiling of their hair. So…I will try to learn. I listened to one blurb, today, which said it was sinful to cut your hair(from the same verse). Seriously, you would not want to see me with long frizzy hair. I am willing to listen, but in Corinthians, Paul was addressing some of the problems he saw in that congregation. The way all of this is being addressed, now,seems a little extreme(as in not a single earring or jewelry of any kind, etc.)

Elmer M Yoder

Where can I get the book? We have a bookstore and would like to have it available

Carlton McLeod

Thanks so much for the question brother. You can find it at ccmcleod.com.


Gertrude Slabach

I clicked on the link but it says the link is not available. How can I order it?

Jeremy Gardiner

Thanks for letting us know. I just updated the link.

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