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February 2019 Posting Schedule

February Posting Order

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Near the end of each month, we’ll share the next month’s posting schedule with you. This way you’ll know what to expect (and when) from the Head Covering Movement. Here’s our plan…

On Mondays, we’ll post shareable quotes & motivational images.
Tuesdays and Fridays will feature new (original) content, such as an article, video, or testimony.
Wednesdays are when we’ll highlight something we’ve posted previously (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram only).
Thursdays are for “Covering the Web” — our way of highlighting a good article or video that is posted on another site. These posts will appear on all our media outlets except Instagram. For Instagram, we’ll re-post one or more pictures by people who use the #headcoveringmovement hashtag in their posts.
On Saturdays, we’ll share a good sermon with you. The sermon will be on the topic of head covering or biblical manhood/womanhood.
And on Sundays, we will “rest” from posting. We recommend that you go to church and rest with us! 😉

The Head Covering Movement Community Group (Facebook)

The HCM Community Group

Today we are announcing the launch of the HCM Community Group (on Facebook). You can join the group here.

This group has two purposes.

First, it is a digital community for support and encouragement for all who consider themselves part of the head covering movement. Feel free to share photos of yourself wearing a head covering, web content (memes, videos etc.), stories from your life, or anything else related to head covering and/or biblical manhood and womanhood.

Second, this is meant to be a place for respectful discussion (and debate) among Christians as to what the Bible teaches about head covering and gender roles. Disagreement is welcome as long as it is done respectfully.

One of the things we have done poorly thus far is community building. We failed to gather everyone in one place where you could build relationships with one-another and set the conversation. This group is our attempt to do better and we hope you will join it and make it a positive place for our online community to dialog and fellowship.

New Book: A Return to Head Covering (by Carlton C. McLeod)

Our friend Dr. Carlton C. McLeod has released his book on head covering. Visit this page to learn more info or purchase the paperback ($7) or PDF ($2).


Friends, thank you for your interest in my latest book, A Return to Head Covering! 

I know the subject matter isn’t the most popular in the world, especially in light of the stigma associated with the practice (that’s putting it mildly!).  

Well, I’d like to put you at ease:

  • I’m not attempting to force anyone to do anything 
  • I’m not a legalist, and this book isn’t about legalism
  • I don’t embrace some imbalanced view of “patriarchy” 
  • I’m not a muslim or a hebrew israelite 🙂

I am a protestant, evangelical, Spirit-filled, trinitarian, husband, father, and pastor who believes in the inerrancy, infallibility, inspiration, and sufficiency of the Holy Bible and that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God and God the Son.  I believe that one is saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone!

I actually stumbled into this book quite innocently, simply by teaching through 1 Corinthians as a local church pastor trying to be faithful to the Text of Scripture.  This book expands upon the sermon I initially preached on 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, chronicles a bit of my journey since then, and attempts to explain some of the more confusing verses (see the “Because of the Angels” and “It’s Not Hair” chapters) in a bit more detail.

As controversial as this subject is, please know that I’m NOT a glutton for punishment!  I wrote this book for two primary reasons:

  1. First, I wrote this book because I love my church family.  I want the book to be both an apologetic and an encouragement for them.  Some of our sisters cover.  Some do not.  Regardless, we are still charged with preaching the Gospel and walking in love.  My desire is that this book will, at a minimum, help all parties understand and communicate what we believe to visitors, family, and friends in a godly way.
  2. Many who heard the sermon online asked for more information.  I pray this effort is a blessing to them.

Friends, whether you agree or disagree with my conclusions, I think you will enjoy this very thought-provoking book.

May the LORD bless you as you labor in His vineyard,

Carlton C. McLeod

Dr. Leslie McFall (1944-2015): Good Order in the Church

Good Order in the Church
Dr. Leslie McFall

Dr. Leslie McFall [1944-2015] was a British scholar who was formerly a lecturer in Hebrew and the Old Testament before becoming a full time researcher. Much of his research was done at Tyndale House, Cambridge, where he had been a Research Fellow. He is best known for his works on chronology, in which he further refined the groundbreaking work of Edwin Thiele. His refinements to Thiele’s chronology are accepted as the most satisfactory explanation of the chronology of the Hebrew kingdom period in Jack Finegan’s influential Handbook of Biblical Chronology, by virtue of which it may be said that he is one of the most significant living authorities, if not the most significant, in the field of the Biblical chronology for the kingdom period. 1) Bio taken from Creation Wiki.

Earlier this month Dr. McFall went home to be with the Lord. As Tyndale House announced in their bulletin:

[Leslie McFall] died at home and had been carrying out research the day before. Leslie was a long-term member of the Fellowship and friend of the House. After the death of his wife Barbara in 1991 he devoted himself undistractedly to scholarship and his purpose, in his own words, was ‘to restore faith in the Word of God’…He will be remembered as a doughty defender of the faith, general handyman at Tyndale House, and good friend to many characterized by an admirable work ethic and personal frugality.

Dr. McFall was a believer in the symbol of headcovering and had been working on a book for over a decade in which he had included a defense of this practice. On Dr. McFall’s website he had posted the contents of this unfinished book “Good Order in the Church” which he invited everyone to browse freely. The first version of this book appeared on the web in 2002 and it appears on his website in its unfinished state. I corresponded with him by e-mail in November 2014 to encourage him to complete his book and to seek publishing for it. Two weeks later he e-mailed me back and said that he had finalized it. He sent me the complete e-book and gave me permission to link to it.

I’m not sure if anyone other than me has the finalized e-book in their hands. Since I possess it I want to ensure it’s not lost so that his research and teaching is not forgotten. I will include a link to the full version below. The most relevant section to the readers of this site will start at page 181 which is titled “Surely You Are Not Asking Women To Go Back To Covering Their Heads In Church, Are You?” Here is a snippet from that section:

Should women have their heads covered when they are “praying or prophesying”? The succinct answer is, Yes. At the theological level, the one thing that most evangelical scholars are agreed on is that according to the teaching of the New Testament, women in New Testament times had a covering on their heads when they prayed and prophesied. What has happened in the pew, however, is that women have gone with the prevailing fashion of the secular world and the covering slowly but surely slipped out of sight. Nothing was done about it at the leadership level (because the church lost its authoritative voice in the early part of the twentieth century, if not earlier) and this gave the practice the green light. Today it is a rare sight indeed to find a covered head in the mainline denominations, despite the knowledge at the scholarly level that the practice does not conform to the apostolic tradition that Paul handed on to all the churches he founded.

The rest of the book has many other relevant sections as well on Complementarianism and 1 Corinthians 11. Though I personally don’t agree with everything he says on the topic, we do end up at the same conclusion that the headcovering is a symbol for the church today. For that, I am grateful. Thank you to Dr. McFall for your faithful service to the church.

"Good Order in the Church" E-Book



 Bio taken from Creation Wiki.

The Headcovering in Worship (Free E-Book by David Lipsy)

Headcovering E-Books

Today we have a free e-book for you. It’s by Pastor David Lipsy and it’s his book “The Headcovering in Worship.

First here’s some information on the author:

David Lipsy and Wife

Pastor Lipsy and his wife Ruth were married in 1981 and are blessed with eight children and seven grandchildren. After attending Rutgers College of Pharmacy for four years, Pastor Lipsy completed a B.A. in Education at Lakeland College and served fourteen years as a Christian school teacher and principal in Wisconsin. He received an M.Div. degree from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (PRTS) in Grand Rapids, MI and completed introductory and advanced certificate programs in Biblical Counseling at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation in Glenside, PA. He is nearing completion of the Doctor of Ministry program in Pastoral Counseling from Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia.. He serves as pastor to the HRC congregation in Burgessville, Ontario.

David Lipsy Book

The book is 84 pages in total with nine chapters. One of the chapters even includes a verse-by-verse exposition of 1 Corinthians 11. We want to thank David for making this book available for free to our readers. If you’d like to get a paper copy it’s available through RHB books. To read the PDF for free click below.


NEW E-BOOK: Covered Glory (Condensed)

Covered Glory (Condensed Edition): 1st Corinthians 11 & The Christian Use of Headcoverings

Today we have some exciting news for you. David Phillips, who wrote “Headcovering Throughout Christian History” has just released his second e-book which is now available for FREE for Kindle, iBooks, Nook and Google Play. This book is a condensed version of his larger work “Covered Glory” which is one of the best resources available that defends the practice of headcovering. This shorter version is a quick overview which hits on all the main points and is excellent for the person who wants to know more about this teaching but doesn’t have the time to embark on a full in-depth study yet.

Having a short, free book like this available in these major retailers is a huge avenue for getting the word out about this teaching. So let’s get behind this, together. Today, David is having this book featured on the major Kindle deal websites which will expose it to a larger audience and get the book charting on Amazon. Let’s help this book rise up the charts so it’s seen by more people who wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise. All you need to do is get a copy of the Kindle book here. Don’t worry, you don’t need a Kindle device to read it. You can install a Kindle app on your tablet, smartphone or even just read it online with their free Kindle reading apps.

So let’s all get a copy and then tell a friend about this offer. Then enjoy reading the book as the content is excellent!

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