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The Head Covering Movement Community Group (Facebook)

The HCM Community Group

Today we are announcing the launch of the HCM Community Group (on Facebook). You can join the group here.

This group has two purposes.

First, it is a digital community for support and encouragement for all who consider themselves part of the head covering movement. Feel free to share photos of yourself wearing a head covering, web content (memes, videos etc.), stories from your life, or anything else related to head covering and/or biblical manhood and womanhood.

Second, this is meant to be a place for respectful discussion (and debate) among Christians as to what the Bible teaches about head covering and gender roles. Disagreement is welcome as long as it is done respectfully.

One of the things we have done poorly thus far is community building. We failed to gather everyone in one place where you could build relationships with one-another and set the conversation. This group is our attempt to do better and we hope you will join it and make it a positive place for our online community to dialog and fellowship.

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