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February 2019 Posting Schedule

February Posting Order

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Near the end of each month, we’ll share the next month’s posting schedule with you. This way you’ll know what to expect (and when) from the Head Covering Movement. Here’s our plan…

On Mondays, we’ll post shareable quotes & motivational images.
Tuesdays and Fridays will feature new (original) content, such as an article, video, or testimony.
Wednesdays are when we’ll highlight something we’ve posted previously (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram only).
Thursdays are for “Covering the Web” — our way of highlighting a good article or video that is posted on another site. These posts will appear on all our media outlets except Instagram. For Instagram, we’ll re-post one or more pictures by people who use the #headcoveringmovement hashtag in their posts.
On Saturdays, we’ll share a good sermon with you. The sermon will be on the topic of head covering or biblical manhood/womanhood.
And on Sundays, we will “rest” from posting. We recommend that you go to church and rest with us! 😉

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