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Covering the Web: June 10/16

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • On Double Standards and Idols (Another Radical Reformation)
      “We expect the women to wear a head covering at all times, because we all know, of course, that she is to “pray without ceasing” (1Thess 5:17). But yet we interpret that same verse differently for ourselves. Why do we apply this verse differently to a man than we do for the woman?”
    • The Ornament of a Meek and Quiet Spirit (Christian Homestead)
      “This is why for the past two years I have chosen to cover my head: I desire to be obedient to the directions given in 1 Cor. 11; I desire to show the world that I have forsaken it’s ways and willingly and cheerfully choose to be in subjection to my husband…”
    • She Thought Rules Were Constricting (Truth at Home)
      “I flipped through a book at the Christian bookstore the other day about a woman who did something daring and unexpected….This lady thought that by cutting off all her hair at the end of her project made her “free,” and symbolized her claim to grace. I felt a little sorry for her. I saw her as being MORE in bondage than before. Rules are not always constricting, not when we follow GOD’S rules, not when those rules are for our good.”
    • Why Christian Women are Taking Up Jewish Practice of Hair Wrapping (Breaking Israel News)
      “Among Christian women, there is a campaign called The Head Covering Movement that promotes the practice of Christian women covering their heads during worship.”
    • Head Covering Reflection/Update (Blessed Beyond Borders, Beyond Boundaries)
      “Two of my friends began covering during worship also. One of the ladies have been covering for about 1 months, another for almost two years….Few months ago our Young Adult Bible Study group was learning 1 Cor. 11. The passage was received well and many believe that the practice has Biblical foundation.”
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Jeremy G.

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