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Covering the Web: July 7/15

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • How About That Head Covering? (Pursue Righteousness)
      “We’re actually not going to lay out the answer to what might be right in this article. Instead we’re going to ask ourselves: have we studied this passage? Where do we stand? Why did we come to that conclusion?”
    • Is obedience in wearing headcoverings a salvation issue? (The Cross Is All We Need)
      “…while I believe headcoverings are mandated in Scripture and, because of that, the command for a woman to cover her head in a worship service is still in effect, that I do not believe headcoverings are a salvation issue. I stand by this because of grace.”
    • The Blessed Minority?A Word Of Encouragement To Our Headcovering Sisters (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
      “No, my dear sister, regardless of your saying/not saying, you are a pioneer and you are playing an extremely important role in His divine history. Just like Abel, who still speaks by faith (Heb 11:4), your faith in action is speaking nonverbal messages to the visible and invisible world.”
    • Mexican Wedding: A Celebration in Simplicity (YouTube)
      Take a look inside a Mexican church where they’re celebrating a wedding. The symbol of headcovering is uphelp.
    • Natasha’s Headcovering Testimony ? || How we wear them! (Garlands of Grace)
      “It was in this book that I came across the passage about women covering their heads while praying or prophesying…I knew then what the Holy Spirit was telling me to do— wear a head covering during worship and dress more modestly.”
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