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Covering the Web: Edition #2

Covering The Web

“Covering the Web” is where we shine the spotlight on content about head covering or complementarianism that we did not produce ourselves. Each edition includes articles, videos, photos, as well as e-book deals relevant to our movement’s mission. Links are not endorsements.

  • MUST READ: 5 Myths about Complementarianism (Crossway)
    “In what follows, we’ll highlight three myths imposed onto complementarianism from the outside (i.e. by egalitarians), plus two myths sometimes perpetuated by those on the inside (i.e. complementarians themselves who mistakenly push the boundaries of God’s design, perhaps to accommodate the culture).”
  • Play The Man (Desiring God)
    “Therefore, Christians, of all people, need to be clear that brutality, passivity, complacency, and effeminacy miss the mark of manhood. Jesus Christ did not domineer, live disinterestedly, or act like a woman — and he is the model of God-honoring masculinity. But the inclusion of effeminacy in that list may prick some sensibilities today.”
  • My Winter Style (Up North Mama)
    During December 2018 I participated in the Dressember challenge. The event raises awareness for human trafficking and the sex slavery trade. To participate you are required to wear a dress for the entire month of December. Not a problem! I love dresses and had already transitioned to wearing mostly dresses (I occasionally wear a long tunic with thick leggings). Here are some of my looks from December.

The following are a list of limited time e-book deals which are on the topic of biblical manhood and womanhood. If you don’t have a Kindle device, you can install their free reading app on your computer, phone, or tablet. Prices may vary per region.

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Re-post • @deanlobs1 – I favor head covering for Christian women. Just do. It is not an easy sell in our culture.

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