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Covering the Web: Aug 25/15

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • A Picture of Christ and His Church Pt 2 (CRC Chesapeake)
      “Chapter 11 presents two clear pictures of Christ and His Church. One is the physical distinctions between men and women in worship, so important that even the angels are affected…the uncovered man a picture of Christ, the veiled woman, a picture of the submitted church.”
    • Alexandra || How we wear them! (Garlands of Grace)
      “We were so blessed to receive these pictures from our customer, Alexandria!! She wore her [scarf] for her wedding day!…She also sent a picture of herself wearing her [headcovering] while sharing the gospel…So much loveliness in these pictures!! ?”
    • Head Covering A Symbol To The Unseen Realm (The Christian Journey)
      “The Church is to gather and worship God in the spirit (John 4:24) doing things that the world considers foolish but for the Lord there is great significance.”
    • Headcovering (Lost and Found by Grace)
      “In conclusion, I believe that the head covering is not simply a tradition of the past, but it is meant to be used today…Find a style that works for you, and make sure you know why you’re wearing one.”
    • The Case for Covering (Without Caring Twopence)
      “I went on to wrestle with this passage every couple of years, or so. Each time that I did, I leaned more heavily toward a direct application; but, I would always brush the study aside before resolving it….Finally, after about eight years, I pressed to settle the question. An informal booklet—a non-technical commentary on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16—is a result.”
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