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Covering the Web: Aug 14/15

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • Why I Cover My Head (The Realization of Good)
      “Those of you who, like me, were born into and brought up in the conservative Anabaptist culture, could likely recite at least parts of [1 Corinthians 11] from memory...
    • Humiliating head coverings (Theology Geek NZ)
      “New Testament scholar Daniel B Wallace has written an article [on head covering]. Since [they’ve] been on my mind lately, I’m going to venture some brief comments.”
    • The Headcovering as a Symbol of Submission (The Christian Woman’s Veil)
      “By God’s grace, I am an educated woman looking forward to pursue my PhD studies…You can now understand my reaction when I heard the words SUBMISSION OF WOMEN.”
    • A Call To Be Pioneers? Headcovering Sisters, Let Us Open A Way Where There Is No Way!  (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
      “Are we afraid of people’s reactions against our head covering practice? Are we like fearful hamsters who are trembling at the corner of the church because nobody is doing it? Dear friend, I want to encourage you that you are clearing a new path right at this moment.”
    • The Practice of Head Coverings for Women in the Church (The Christian Journey)
      “some in our day are questioning what the Church has always obeyed and accepted. We need to ask ourselves am I following the Lord and His Word or the crowd of popular opinion today?”
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