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Covered Chaos: How to Organize your Coverings

Organizing Your Coverings

[Guest Author: This article was written by a guest author. If you’re interested in writing for the Head Covering Movement please contact us.]

Tasha Cantrell lives in Durant, OK and has been covering for six months now. She has been married for 12 ½ years, has 2 children (ages 5 and 8) and her husband pastors a church out of their garage. If you’d like to know more about Tasha she shared her covering testimony with us earlier this year. You can also follow her on Pinterest.
Tasha Cantrell 1

I absolutely love my head coverings and undeniably adore what they represent. I have several … ok, maybe I have more than several. I have lots of different styles and colors, different patterns and textures! But what does this mean? It means that I have head coverings all over my closet, laying here and laying there!

I just had to get some organization in my closet. I wanted to be able to find a certain color when I needed it and not have to dig around for half an hour just to settle for something similar. So I set out on a mission and this is what I came up with. Read more

Covering Testimony: Stephanie Wiseley

Head Covering Testimonies
Name: Stephanie WiseleyAge: 38Location: Illinois, USAStarted Covering: Feb 2014 (2nd time)

Covering Testimony: Stephanie Wiseley

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

I am 38 yrs old and married to my high school sweetheart. We have been married 17+ years and have a 16 yr old son. I love nature, simple living, gardening, canning, walking nature trails, sewing, baking, sitting on the porch listening to the wildlife here in the country, and even target shooting with my husband.

2) Where do you attend church? Tell us a little bit about it.

I attend a church called New Beginnings Church of God. It is a church of over 900 people. We have been going there for 13 yrs now. It is a pretty laid back church dress wise. People can wear jeans and shorts, etc. It is mission oriented. I have been on several mission trips with my favorite being to Venezuela. Read more

William Tyndale Quote Image #1

Sources, Sources…What are your Sources?

Sources, Sources…Where are your Sources?

Our Bible is a historical book. It was written thousands of years ago, by many different people who lived in many different regions. Since there are thousands of years that separate us from the Biblical events, Christians will always have a need to understand the past. Though it can be abused, understanding historical settings, cultures and geography can be immensely helpful to us in understanding our Bibles.

When a historical claim is made, biblical commentators usually add a footnote to alert the reader to where they found that information. After all, the commentator didn’t live in Biblical times so the ONLY way they can know about a past time or culture is if they have a historical source (written or archaeological). Sources help us determine what is true about the past and they help us to reject mere speculation and conjecture. Read more

Covering the Web: Mar 5/14

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

  • This Is Me #10 (The Candle Underneath the Looking Glass)
    “At what point do Christians stop obeying, word for word, what the Bible says? One passage most Christians don’t follow is , 1 Cor 11:2-16, regarding head coverings for women in church. There are some churches (power to them) that do follow this tradition but most do not.”
  • Head Coverings – Two Spiritual Statements (Christian Fellowship Church – India)
    “We recognize that our understanding of head-covering is not popular in most Western cultures. Most people (and the young especially) want their Christianity to be “cool” and relevant. We are not primarily interested in this. We definitely don’t go out of our way to stand out or be different for difference sake; we simply value submission to God’s Word. And we are persuaded that the practice of head covering is prescribed in the Bible…”
  • Head Coverings and Christianity (Reformed Christian Theology)
    “People have a very bad tendency of ignoring obvious teachings in Scripture, because they don’t mix well with the social norms of the day. The issue of head coverings is one of these issues. The first time I ever read 1 Corinthians 11 I understood what it meant, because it was so simple. After getting married, my wife started wearing a hat to church, because it suffices as a head covering.”
  • Head Coverings for Sisters, Should they? (Wheatland Bible Chapel)
    “It is implied that this was a Corinthian problem and applied only to that church. However, all the teaching of this epistle is clearly directed in its introduction. It was written to the Corinthian saints “with all that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.” Paul is not afraid to address cultural problems in Corinth. But in this chapter there is no mention of culture.”
Found an interesting link about head covering or biblical manhood/womanhood? Tell us about it here.

Milton Vincent Quote Image #1

Milton Vincent Quote Image #1

Source: Milton Vincent – Sermon Series on 1 Corinthians 11 (Part 1)

If this quote has piqued your interest, read “Can we symbolize our roles using a different symbol?

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