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Milton Vincent on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 (Sermon Series)

Milton Vincent Sermon Series on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16
Milton Vincent is the Pastor-Teacher at Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church in Riverside, CA. He received his B.A. in Bible from Bob Jones University and his M. Div. from The Master’s Seminary. Upon graduation, Milton assumed the pastorate of Cornerstone in January ’92. Milton is also the author of “A Gospel Primer for Christians” which is endorsed by John MacArthur, Jerry Bridges, C.J. Mahaney, Stuart Scott along with many others.

We wholeheartedly commend this sermon series by Pastor Milton to you. He unpacks this section of Scripture with exegetical precision (as we’d expect from a TMS graduate) and carefully uses high quality evidence and quotations. He deals with the issues and questions raised comprehensively and preaches with a gracious tone and pastoral sensitivity. He is very honest about his struggles through the text, describing his embrace of head covering as “the most tramatic interpretative decision in my 10.5 years of preaching”. He says he arrived at this conclusion with a bias against head covering in which his “heart would LEAP” whenever a commentator said it wasn’t for today. Despite his bias, he came to the conclusion that it is for today and in this series you will find the reasons that led him to that conclusion.

Head-coverings in Worship Part 1DOWNLOADJanuary 6, 2002
Head-coverings in Worship Part 2DOWNLOADJanuary 6, 2002
Head-coverings in Worship Part 3DOWNLOADJanuary 13, 2002
Head-coverings in Worship Part 4DOWNLOADJanuary 20, 2002
Head-coverings in Worship Part 5DOWNLOADJanuary 27, 2002
Head-coverings in Worship Part 6DOWNLOADJanuary 27, 2002
Head-coverings in Worship Part 7DOWNLOADFebruary 3, 2002
Head-coverings in Worship Part 8DOWNLOADFebruary 10, 2002
Head-coverings in Worship Part 9DOWNLOADFebruary 10, 2002

>>> As an alternative to downloading them individually, you can also get them all together as a ZIP file.

  • Joyce

    I so am wondering where his church ended up on this subject. His church site is missing all of the 2003 sermons or the Chapter 14 he wanted to get to before deciding how to practically apply I Cor. 11. But I really appreciate his humble obedient spirit and in-depth study of this subject. to God be the Glory!

    • I’ll ask him about that the next time I speak with him if it’s not covered in his written materials. He just sent me some of his (unpublished) writings on the topic which is much more recent. Haven’t gone through them yet but due to the length I assume he covered it.

      • Johnathan

        Is it possible to get those written materials? This guy is a really good Bible teacher, and I would love to have those materials related to this series. Also, I would live access to the rest of his sermons from 1 Corinthians, but they are not on his website.

        • Johnathan, you’d have to reach out to their church. It’s not available to the public so I can’t share it. However, they may send it to you if you ask.

          The rest of the 1 Corinthians sermons are not available either 🙁

          • Johnathan

            Thanks Jeremy, I’m new to this issue, but I’m close to being convinced. Awesome series by Vincent.

  • pjoy

    I really appreciated Pr. Vincent’s exegetical approach. Like Joyce, I appreciate his humble and obedient spirit also. I also am curious about the rest of the sermon series, especially for Ch. 14 and his conclusions but also including the rest of 1 Corinthians, not just the “trouble” passages. I hope that you can get follow up from him soon.

  • Brenda Weidenhammer

    Yes, I would love to know if Mr. Vincent is still of the same mind after 13 yrs..

    • He is. I’ve spoken to him a few times about this topic in the last year and a half.

  • Barbara

    It’s really amazing that for 1800, Christians everywhere interpreted I Corinthian 11 to mean a literal head covering as a normal practice. It’s been a very recent change in practice that has no basis in scripture.

  • Judith Batchelor

    Really enjoying listening to this set of sermons- are the sermon notes available? Love to get it on iTunes or sermon audio. I have an apple computer so I can’t download via zip files.

  • Judith Batchelor

    Finally finished the whole series, the last sermon was a bit of an anticlimax as he didn’t deal with when to wear a head covering and all the othe practical issues. Was looking forward to that.

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