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Covering Testimony: Tasha Cantrell

Head Covering Testimonies
Name: Tasha CantrellAge: 31Location: Durant, OKStarted Covering: October 2013

Covering Testimony: Tasha Cantrell

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Tasha.  I have been married to an amazing man of God for 12 ½ years.  We have 2 beautiful children, ages 5 and 8.  My husband has pastored a church out of our garage for almost 1 year now.  I work full time outside of the home right now but would love to be able to stay home and homeschool my children one day.  On top of pastoring, my husband owns his own business.  This is has been a blessing that enables him the freedom to lead and care for his congregation as well as spend lots of family time with me and the kids.  I have served God all of my adult life but have only truly sought Him out with every bit of my being for about the last 5 ½ years.  He has begun to do a great work in me which has included lots of molding and shaping.  Praise the Lord!

2) Where do you attend church? Tell us a little bit about it.

About a year ago, my husband answered the call to pastor his own church.  We now hold church in our garage 3 times a week and are growing rapidly.  We are currently trying to purchase some land to begin the next step of faith on this journey.

3) What led you to start covering?

My story began a little over 3 years ago. I had never been around anybody that covered except for 1 family and I’d only see them every couple of years. They were the only family that covered in probably a 6 or 8 county area. God kept bringing my attention to the verses in 1 Corinthians and I just couldn’t shake it. I ended up contacting one the above mentioned family members to ask them questions. Anyway, I began covering full time but that only lasted about 3 months and I quit doing it. So for 3 years I was on again and off again wearing head coverings (I know…so wishy washy). My husband and I started our own church almost a year ago and God began speaking louder and clearer to me on the issue of headcovering. I started doing some intense research but more than that, searching out the areas of my heart that God was dealing with. Around March of 2013, I wore a covering to every worship service and then by the first part of October 2013, I put my head coverings on and have wore them full time ever since. I will tell you that it is the most wonderful thing and I am loving every minute of it!

4) Your story of covering on-and-off is actually very common. For you, what reasons led you to stop so often and what changed in 2013 to where you started being consistent?

When I first started wearing head coverings I did good with them.  My husband loved them and thought they were beautiful.  This helped a lot.  However, my husband and I were attending another church at this time and believe it or not, I was more concerned with, not what the world would think, but what my church family would think.  I didn’t want my pastors to think I was confused.  March 2013 is when we began having church in our home and with my husband being the pastor, I just knew it was time. I guess I worried too much about what other people would think.  Like I said before, I do work outside the home in a business profession so I am around many people every day.  In my profession, I hold a supervisor position so it probably helps others keep their opinions to themselves.  I have never had anyone come against me or even question me on my journey.  I suppose I just had it in my mind that I would…

5) You said about covering “it is the most wonderful thing and I am loving every minute of it”. What specifically is so wonderful?

The liberty….where the Spirit of the Lord is…there is liberty.  I have learned that this is just who I am.  I am a child of the One True King.  I am a wife and a mother and I thank God for the position He has placed me in.  I feel beautiful in my head coverings.  My husband tells me this and so does my 8 year old son.  :)

6) Since your husband is the pastor of your church, how has your church approached head covering? Do all female members cover? Are they required to?

Well, head covering in our area was practically nonexistent…with the exception of one family that travels and sings.  Like I had mentioned before, I was on and off for about 3 years with my head coverings.  We began New Horizon Fellowship in March of 2013.  I was not wearing them at this time and had no intention of putting them back on.  Well, after the first service (in our living room) it became very evident that God intended on me to put my head coverings on.  I have had several woman in my church speak to me about head coverings.  I have done extensive research on this subject and even wrote out my own study on it to share with them.  They have read it and are currently studying it out on their own.  I guess you can say that they are on their on-again/off-again journey.  Because of the way God dealt with me on this subject, my husband and I have agreed that we will not require anybody to wear a head covering but will simply share what we believe.  I believe in time, most of the ladies will wear them as they allow God to speak to their hearts on the subject.

7) What kind of covering(s) do you use? Where did you get them?

Well, I believe that a woman should dress feminine and pretty.  I love being a girl and my head coverings are no different.  I wear them all! :) I wear shorter veils, longer veils, thicker headband styles, snoods, scarfs, and in the winter time I wear knitted hats at times.  I like for my head coverings to match or coordinate with my clothing.  I wear all colors, all styles, and even some prints.  I love Garlands of Grace for almost every day wear. (my favorite is probably the stretch Cecily in all different colors)  I even wear holiday themed (hearts for Valentine’s Day, etc..) scarfs as head coverings when I am lounging at home.  My kids are young and they love it!

Would you like to share your story of how you came to believe in head covering? Tell us about it here.
  • Dianne Plourde

    I would love to read the study that Tasha researched. Thank you for this testimony. I am still in the ‘up and down’ stage. I am also a senior citizen … which actually makes this more difficult in some ways. But my heart is open and I understand what you mean when you say how good you feel when wearing a covering. Lord bless you in your walk with Christ.

    • Tasha

      Dianne, I would love to send you my study. :-) It isn’t anything fancy but has helped me. If you want to give me an email address I can send it to you. I will be praying for you on your journey. I do love how this website has brought together so many different stories!

      • Dianne Plourde

        Would love if you could send it, Tasha!  Thanks so much!  Email is:   [email protected]
        I have been happy to discover this website also.  :o)


        • Tasha

          Dianne, I’ve sent you an email. :-)

      • May Hunt

        Hi Tasha’ I’d be interested in your study to. Could you send me a copy to? I’d be so greatful. Email is: [email protected] Thank you and God bless you.

  • Joyce Ruhl

    I would love to receive Tasha’s study too… Tasha – your testimony is beautiful – but mostly it’s your spirit that I’m drawn to. In a time in my life when so many close to me are rejecting this teaching – this is a breath of fresh air. I too want to be an attractive witness of obeying Jesus in this area. I fear I fail so often…

    • Tasha

      Joyce, thank you for such kind words!

      I believe we all fail from time to time but as long as we just keep on a truckin’ (don’t let it slow you down…just keep moving forward) then we will be alright! :-)

      I would love to send you my study as well if you want to give me your email address.

  • David

    I would also be interested in your study. My address is: [email protected]

  • David

    Hi, I appreciated this testimony. I’d also be interested in receiving the study that you researched. My address is [email protected]

    • Tasha

      Thank you David. I have sent you an email. :-)

  • Sheri

    Hi – I can really relate to your story and would love to receive the study as well, if I could. Email is [email protected]. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Tasha

      Thank you for your comment Sheri. I have sent you an email. :)

  • Joanne Fetzer

    I would also like to receive a copy of your study, Tasha! I was forced to wear a head covering as a young teen and then rebelled against it when I became old enough. I have been back and forth on this issue throughout most of my life. Now I find myself in a fellowship where it has become an issue again, though certainly not forced. I know the Father deals with each of us in our own time and on our own journey… but I don’t want to miss a blessing of being obedient. It’s just that… well, it still has a bad taste in my mouth (legalism) and I struggle with it. Thanks! (email: [email protected])

    • Tasha

      Joanne, did you recieve my email? I have talked to so many wonderful people along this journey already that I’m getting a little confused on who I’ve heard from or not heard from. :) Thank you so much for your comment! I will be praying for you! :)

      • Joanne Fetzer

        Yes, I did! Thank you very much.

  • Peggy Spencer

    I’d love to see/read through the study as well, Tasha, Thank you for sharing! I have been on again/off again reading up on this, and am interesting, but I supposed my hesitation in reading for myself the Word on this is what’s holding me back from my own choice! Anything to help, would be lovely, thank you!
    [email protected]

    • Tasha

      Thank you for commenting Peggy. I will send you and email shortly and I will be praying that God leads you…just heed to His voice and choose obedience.

  • Alexandra

    Glory be to God!! I had NO IDEA this had become a movement!! I felt God revealing to me through 1cor 11 that I was to start covering my head during church and then hopped online to do some research and here I am! I live in the pacific NW and NO ONE I know covers here… It was something The Lord lead me to do alone and now I see others as well! Amazing :)

    • That’s awesome Alexandra, so glad you found us here.

    • Tasha

      Absolutely wonderful Alexandra! Wonderful testimony! God is so good!

  • Sara June Thompson

    Ok, thought I posted a comment last night but don’t see it here. Glad to have found this site. Ever since I attended a wedding at a head covering church last summer, the Lord has been speaking to me about covering for church. When I was very young we did so for church, but it stopped before I was 10. Then one church I was in in my 30’s, we all had prayer handkerchieves and when the Holy Spirit was really moving some of us spontaneously used those to cover our heads, but it wasn’t very often. I finally got the courage up at the beginning of the month. The first 2 times I wore eternity scarves and put them up over my head when the service started. I felt awkward. I then went out and bought a variety of winter hats, so I’d have one that matched my outfits and started wearing them, taking my coat off in the church but leaving the hat on. I feel more comfortable with that. I have already bought one summer hat and ordered from wide fabric headbands for summer. For me this is tied in with praying for my backslidden dd 24. She of course recognizes no authority. I feel that when I am in church with my head covered praying for my dd that my prayers are more effective b/c I am being obedient to God. I feel closer to God. I was kind of scared to tell my dh but it went ok. About a year ago the Lord was speaking to me about wearing skirts more and long skirts more and I made a big transition, not just in my Sunday dress (where I always wore skirts) but my daily life. Don’t wear them all the time, but a lot of the time. And now to add a head covering. what would he say? But he realized I was being obedient and just said “fine”. He did object to a couple of the hats which I took back, he seems to prefer the winter “cap” style. I would love to be a part of this group and share our journey as we venture out into covering our heads for worship.

    • Kay

      Hi Sara, I also struggled with a type of covering at first. I have never worn hats, so that felt very conspicuous to me. I started with scarves, putting them on when I sat down for worship, etc., and was uncomfortable with the action of it (hard to explain) as well as needing to fiddle with it quite a bit. We also fellowship all day on Sundays, with prayer happening here and there, and felt I was more focused on the covering than the fellowship. I finally found a couple of simple triangle tie-on scarves that would stay put, and just wore them from the time I got dressed. Much more practical for me. Feminine dress came later for me, although I had been wearing long dresses to worship for some time prior to covering. I don’t quite have the same understanding of the passage as Jeremy, in that I don’t see this as limited to public worship, but I also see no admonition to cover full time. I believe it is a practical thing, as men wearing hats, and apply it accordingly. Be wary of “feeling” more heard by God when covered. I believe it is not the covering, but the obedience behind it that is important.

      • That last statement you said Kay is really important. Thanks for pointing that out.

        Welcome Sara, and thanks so much for sharing your story and struggles. I hope you find your time here encouraging as you realize there are many women who have had or are currently having the same type of journey (struggles and all).

        • Sara June Thompson

          I have been amazed in the last month how many people I have run into online who have been posting about this, whether they are doing it or just thinking about it. Glad to find this group.

      • Sara June Thompson

        Yes, the whole “up and down” bit I found distracting and drawing attention when I tried that a couple of times, putting a scarf up as the service started etc.

      • Tasha

        Hi Kay! I understand what you mean by “messing” with them all through service so I have just tried different ones until I have found some that I love and I am very comfortable in. One example is, at one point I was praying and my headcovering fell off. I didn’t scurry around and lose my focus on God or bring attention to myself. I simply held it in my hand for a few mintues until I finished and then replaced it…I didn’t want to be so focused on my headcoveirng that I lost focused on my actual conversation with God. Know what I mean? And I am in TOTAL agreeance with “it is not the covering, but the obedience behind it that is important.” Praying for you on this wonderful journey! :)

    • Tasha

      Hello Sara! Thank you for your comments. I understand your “awkwardness” at times but have found that the headband styles work the best for me. Sometimes I wear them scrunched as a wide headband and other times I wear them pulled back like a veil but I also wear winter hats and scarves…you name it! Just find what you are comfortable with and find what you love. I have found that I love my headcoverings! Praying the Lord bless you and guide you on this journey! :)

      • Sara June Thompson

        Thanks, this is pretty new for me.

        • Tasha

          Sara, I would be glad to help you throughout this journey if you ever needed somebody to talk to. I have definetly been there! :) If you want to email me, feel free to write me at [email protected].

  • Michael Jammer Pond

    My name is mike and im a greatful believer in Jesus Christ…i was always told the womans hair was her covering…well as i started eeading and listening to God word for myself and mot listening to another persons interpretation..i heard something that didnt make sense to me….if her hair is her covering…the why did paul say if she refuses to wear a covering let her hair be cut off short or shaven…well this opened my eyes and i began to research and i am in total ageeememnt with head covering for today…i will say this..
    I dont believe women are commanded to wear the head covering all the time…i believe it is only while in the assembly..other wise men could never wear a hat or cover our heads in the hot sun..because we are told to not cover our heads…so we would not wear a hardhat at work or a helmet for riding a motorcycle or whatever…so i know some men maybe not realizing it have put a dubble standard on womens head covering..have a blessed day.

  • Annetta

    I would love to hear more about the bible study you created.

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