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Covered Chaos: How to Organize your Coverings

Organizing Your Coverings

[Guest Author: This article was written by a guest author. If you’re interested in writing for the Head Covering Movement please contact us.]

Tasha Cantrell lives in Durant, OK and has been covering for six months now. She has been married for 12 ½ years, has 2 children (ages 5 and 8) and her husband pastors a church out of their garage. If you’d like to know more about Tasha she shared her covering testimony with us earlier this year. You can also follow her on Pinterest.
Tasha Cantrell 1

I absolutely love my head coverings and undeniably adore what they represent. I have several … ok, maybe I have more than several. I have lots of different styles and colors, different patterns and textures! But what does this mean? It means that I have head coverings all over my closet, laying here and laying there!

I just had to get some organization in my closet. I wanted to be able to find a certain color when I needed it and not have to dig around for half an hour just to settle for something similar. So I set out on a mission and this is what I came up with.

These are pant hangers that hold 4 pair of pants…so in turn, they hold at least 8 head coverings each. I simply hung them flat against the wall on a nail and there you go, beautiful!

Tasha's Covering Organization #1

Then on to my actual scarves and/or head coverings. I simply hung a curtain rod in my closet and looped each scarf around it as they are displayed in department stores.

Tasha's Covering Organization #2

This has helped tremendously in the organization of my head coverings.

Do you have any tricks or great ideas that you have come up with to organize your head coverings and head scarves? If so, please feel free to upload a picture in our Facebook Group for all to see!

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