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Covering Testimony: Chachi Fabre

Name: Chachi Fabre | Age: Mid 50’s | Location: Tavares, Florida | Date started covering: 2012

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

I grew up in South America and have known the Lord since I was a little girl, when I memorized Bible verses and loved to go to vacation Bible school. I have been happily married since 1992, and the Lord has provided for me the desires of my heart to have a beautiful, happy family with two children, now young adults. My husband and I are empty-nesters and we enjoy our time together like new honeymooners. I work as a Real Estate Professional and also enjoy my time at home.

2) Where do you attend church? Tell us a little bit about it. Do others practice head covering there?

Our home church is Grand Island Baptist Church. It’s only 12 minutes away by car from our home and is a great church that teaches straight from the Bible. It’s a Baptist church and I believe no one else uses a covering, other than me.

3) What led you to start covering?

For many years, I have been doing my reading and studying from the Bible and online Bible studies. One morning during my Bible study and prayer time, I had an enlightenment while reading 1st Corinthians 11. Something happened–it was like the eyes of my heart and my soul opened and it was more clear than clean water; I just had to obey and do it. There were NO questions; only understanding, only answers. Of course, I re-read it several times, and I cried and asked for forgiveness for my ignorance. I was excited and talked about it with everyone, my sister and my mother and of course I talked with my husband and asked him if it was fine with him about my decision of obedience to God. To my surprise, my husband was receptive to it and so were my children. As a side note, when this first happened, I had no head covering to wear, so I used to pray by myself covering my head with a pillow. I felt in concentration with God and isolated from all noises from around the house. Yeah! It may sound strange, but it really felt good and in harmony at my praying time.

4) When do you use your covering?

I use my headcovering during fellowship, praying time, reading the Bible, worshiping at church or privately, and of course if I’m teaching privately.

5) What was that first Sunday like when you showed up in a covering?

The first Sunday morning at church with my headcovering, it was exciting but I did not want to call attention. Some people looked at me but did not say anything. Some said, “Oh you look beautiful today.”

6) What counsel can you give to women that do not cover out of fear?

To any sister that does not want to cover for fear I will advise her to remember: Who is your Father? And who are you pleasing?

7) What would you say is the best and the most difficult aspect about head covering?

The best aspect of head covering is the beauty of separation that God makes for us women and that we can feel the concentration to focus on God during the time that we wear it. The most difficult aspect is to be sure that we do it in such a manner that we cannot be associated with non-Christian ladies.

8) Are there any head covering tips you have found useful which you would like to share with other ladies?

When you select a covering, be wise and ask yourself: If someone who doesn’t know me sees me with this covering, will that person know that I am a Christian? Or will they think that I belong to another religion? Because I believe that is very important, in my humble opinion. And secondly: Do not use head covering as an excuse to not take care of your hair or your appearance.

9) What kind of covering(s) do you use? Where did you get them?

I wear hats for church and fellowship. For private times and home I use mantillas and scarfs. I purchase them online and at local stores.

10) How did you hear about the Head Covering Movement?

I heard about the Head Covering Movement while looking for information on sermons about head covering and also about what types of head coverings were appropriate to wear. I was so delighted and surprised to find out that God was calling so many other women around the world to obey Him. And that was a confirmation for me that we have to OBEY God’s Word because He is the same yesterday, today and for eternity

Would you like to share your story of how you came to believe in head covering? Tell us about it here.
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