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Head Covering 101: Practical Options to Ease Into Head Covering

Nervous about starting #headcovering?

Looking for some tips (and low-key styles) to ease into it?

Here are some suggestions from HCM contributor, Carisa.

Carisa A.

Carisa lives in Oklahoma with her husband and young son. She has served in the US Navy, and plans to homeschool her children in the future. She is passionate about equipping young women to be enthusiastic keepers of their home, and creates videos about biblical womanhood & motherhood on her YouTube channel.
Carisa A.



Very sad, and poor. If you’re embarrassed to wear a covering, you’ve placed people’s opinion over the Word of God.

The headcovering is not just a fashion option. It is a sign.


Thank you for the great and encouraging video, Carisa! Starting to cover can be very difficult and scary especially when you come from a church that doesn’t practice it and is not encouraging of it. Like you, I felt the need to “ease” into it until I gained enough confidence from scripture. I started with wide headbands, but now my favorite tends to be a kerchief style.

Thanks again and God bless!

Dianne Plourde

The suggestions were so practical and encouraging to me. Thank you!

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