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What If No One Else At Your Church Wears a Head Covering?

Are you the only one who covers at church? Or would you like to, but are fearful because no one else does? If so, HCM contributor, Carisa, has some advice for you.

Carisa A.

Carisa lives in Oklahoma with her husband and young son. She has served in the US Navy, and plans to homeschool her children in the future. She is passionate about equipping young women to be enthusiastic keepers of their home, and creates videos about biblical womanhood & motherhood on her YouTube channel.
Carisa A.


Melissa Beard

I sometimes cover but not often. I like to wear a bandana when I bake and clean to keep my hair out of my eyes.

Lisa Ruzicka

I was taught this 30 years ago by my pastor and his wife and have been practising it in my person quiet time and and church ever since. Some people say it’s cultural, but scripture says that it’s “because of the angels” which is not cultural. Thank you for the video, it declares the truth plainly.

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