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Premier Christianity Magazine: My Headcovering Experiment

The latest issue of Premier Christianity is now available. This month they’re having a “female focus” and as part of it they’ve featured an article by Heather Tomlinson entitled My Headcovering Experiment. The magazine cover reads, “From feminism to head coverings: challenging how society and the Church define gender roles.” You can read her article in full here.

Premier Christianity Magazine: November 2014

Though she doesn’t advocate head covering (as a command) or complementarian roles, we’d like Heather for the positive article, the mention, and for bringing attention to this topic. Our prayer is that through this article, many will be led to give prayerful thought and study of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16. If you’re visiting us from Premier Christianity you can view our guided study of this topic here.



I can’t believe there aren’t any comments on this yet. I was offended somewhat by the cover picture shown, but really enjoyed her article, and the honesty of her response to her “experiment” in covering. I had many of the same thoughts and ponderings after I started covering full time. The spiritual value of it can’t be explained easily, but you can feel it when you are covering for the right reasons.

Jamie Carter

I thought that the cover brilliant and that it wasn’t mean to be offensive or satire – women are caught between two worlds – the Western one with an ever-changing standard of fashion/beauty and the Christian one with rules set in place two thousand years ago that will never change. Being a Western Christian is pretty confusing. Even the Church Fathers wrote that it was proper for women to make themselves look good for their husbands but they also cautioned against going to an extreme. Ideally, there would a middle ground – not unlike a Venn diagram where women do not have to choose between the two, but can be both. From an outsider’s perspective, the right half is what people think when they hear the term ‘Christian Womanhood’ and the left half is the normal for Western women. We should center the conversation around ways that we can change the stereotype by not being a walking example of it – odds are it won’t attract Western women to become Christians.

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