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Covering the Web: Edition #12

Covering The Web

“Covering the Web” is where we shine the spotlight on content about head covering or complementarianism that we did not produce ourselves. Each edition includes articles, videos, photos, as well as e-book deals relevant to our movement’s mission. Links are not endorsements.

  • MUST READ: Why I love to Wear a Head Covering
    “I’ve lost track of how many times my clothing and head covering have given me opportunities to tell others about the reason for the hope I have, to witness to just how much I love Jesus. That’s one of the blessings of dressing differently.”
  • Herman Bavinck on Men and Women
    “For Bavinck, ‘modern’ applied to the late 19th and turn of the 20th century. He faults them for a number of things, but chiefly for failing to understand human nature.”
  • 5 Myths about Homemaking
    “When we make a home for others, we are often doing small and unseen work, humanly speaking, but the meaning behind the work is never small. We are imitating God in eternally significant ways. When we prioritize the home, we disciple others by helping them taste the importance and final reality of our heavenly home through the means of a tangible, concrete earthly one.”

The following are a list of limited time e-book deals which are on the topic of biblical manhood and womanhood. If you don’t have a Kindle device, you can install their free reading app on your computer, phone, or tablet. Prices may vary per region.

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Re-posted • @posting_from_the_heart – So this is my first #fridayintroductions post! I noticed I’m at over 100 followers now and thought I should introduce myself. I’m Kayley, wife to one amazing guy and mama to two sweet little girls! I’ve been a Christian for over a decade but I can’t pinpoint the exact date. 😅 I’ve been getting into more serious Bible study and theology. And I love it! I feel like there is always more to learn, even if I studied all day. #lovelearningnewthings #nerd I want to share here what I’m learning and my hope and prayer is that it encourages, exhorts, and edifies you! I know I share mostly Bible verses on here and a lot of stories but I hope to one day share studies that are deeper (it’s hard to concentrate with two little toddlers!) A couple of more personal pieces: it’s cold and I’m still drinking cold brew cuz I love it, I love to read, I’m a vegetarian, pizza is my favorite, & I wear headcoverings to church and when I study my Bible (which I do early in the morning before my girls wake). I believe we are saved through faith alone in Christ alone through God’s grace. I’d love to hear more about you in the comments! . . . #postingfromtheheartbiblestudy #christian #bible #biblestudy #headcoverings #headcoveringmovement

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