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Covering the Web: Aug 11/14

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

  • Why I Cover (The Brown Bank)
    “I grew up Mennonite, but that is not why I cover my head.  In fact, I did not grow up wearing a head covering.  I was raised in the modern Mennonite church.  We had cars, video games, movies, fashionable clothes…all the “normal” aspects of modern life.”
  • This Man Loves His Wife (Always Learning)
    A man praising his wife publicly. One of the things he mentions is this: “My wife wears a dress and a head covering to church.  Maybe it is sinful pride, but I feel honored at church to have a wife that is one of the few wearing a dress and the only one wearing a head covering/scarf.”
  • Why I Wear a Head-Covering (Not My Own)
    “I am on the phone with a friend that went to a church where there was a woman teaching pastor. I asked her: “How can you choose to go to a church where a woman is teaching men when the bible clearly teaches that shouldn’t happen?” (1 tim. 2:12) Her response: ‘I’ll give you the same reason that you aren’t wearing a head covering, it’s cultural.’ Oops.”
  • 1 Corinthians 11: Principle versus Practice (Missional Leadership)
    “While I may not mandate that all womenfolk attending church services to have some kind of head-covering, nevertheless, I think it’s a good practice “for the sake of the angels” as I don’t see any other alternative expression of this symbol nowadays.”
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