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I’m a woman who believes in the practice of head covering after much studying on my own. This website was very helpful. In fact, I regularly re-read articles on here to help me if I’m struggling with the “how to’s” with head covering. The biggest question I have and keep coming back to is the “when.” I’m pretty comfortable with the practice being mostly about being a symbol during the purposed gathering of believers. However, anytime I’m with a group of believers and we pray for the food or pray for someone randomly and I see a man take off his ball cap, I wonder. If he takes it off, shouldn’t I be putting something on? This is where the concept of “custom” gets confusing. Is the taking off of the hat in times like that more of a respect thing (because most men I know aren’t doing it based on Scripture but because of what they were taught as kids on how to be respectful)? This is what makes me wonder if it just makes more sense to be covered more full-time. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.

Taiwo Olokun

Yes, out of Love for the Lord and if you truly TRUST Him, it shouldn’t be difficult to always have on your shoulder and around your trunk a veil that you can easily pick-up and extend over your hair/head when you feel the need. However, in this case of GATHERING WITH BELIEVERS, all the women should already have a covering on since it’s a gathering of believers. For health reasons, if a man needs to be covered against COLD, he should cover against cold.

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