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Covering Testimony: Syrina Fields

Name: Syrina Fields | Age: 29 | Location: Caputa, South Dakota | Date started covering: March, 2022

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Syrina Fields. I am a follower of Christ, mom of two kids, wife, and farmer. I’m a lover of the outdoors, hunting, fishing, art, anything vintage, and a good ole cup of coffee.

I attend church at Harvest Time Freewill Baptist Church in Box Elder, SD. It’s similar to a Southern Baptist church. Freewill Baptist churches are very common where my husband grew up in the Ohio/Kentucky area. At first, I was the only one practicing head covering at church. However, the pastor’s fiancé and mother have both started covering, which has opened a lot of doors to conversations regarding head covering and the biblical meaning behind it.

2) What led you to start covering?

I originally thought that head covering was something specific to a different religion – not even part of Christianity – and mostly an issue of control.

In 2020 and 2021, I was feeling the need to start building a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father. I was questioning both my internal and external self. You could say I was feeling led as a wife, daughter, friend, and mother of a young lady to ensure I was showing my children what the true godly role was for a woman. At the same time, I was hearing a lot of political views about what a woman is, and my friends and family had their own opinions of the role of a woman in the household.

I finally started evaluating my dress and my appearance in this way: “Was I presenting God, or was I glorifying myself?” God was leading me to really show spiritual order in my house. I realized that I wanted to ensure that my children knew what my role was as a wife, mother, and friend. I came to my husband before my birthday in March and asked him about the Bible verses, the history, and the results of my research. I told him that I felt God was calling me to begin covering. I wasn’t sure how often I would wear one —  all the time or only at church services — but I felt it was the last part of obeying my Father that I wasn’t following. It was such a huge relief when he supported my decision and encouraged me by helping me pick some head coverings to wear.

I started covering all the time in public and at church, and determined that I wanted to keep my hair for my husband alone. I cover all the time except at home. In some cases, covering includes a baseball cap while doing house chores, farm chores, hunting, fishing, etc.

After deciding to cover, we went to Ohio in April, and that was a true test of my strength with the Lord. We visited our home church, friends, and my husband’s family. They were shocked, and they asked my family if we had become Amish or Mennonite. It allowed for a lot of open conversations that were both biblical and historical. But after the trip, I felt that I made the right decision when I gave in to what I was being called to do.

3) What resources did you use to study the topic?

I studied articles and videos on dressing throughout history and different religions, but I ended up resting solely on my relationship with God and what the Bible tells me. The book Headcovering: A Forgotten Practice enlightened me. Then I actually saw women in other Christian groups I was part of covering and openly discussing why they did it – and it gave such a sense of confirmation to my decision. I feel that it provides a sense of order, shows respect for my Father, and gives me a sense of mindfulness.

The argument I found most compelling regarding head covering is that it was practiced for a long time in Christian history until recent decades.

4) What kind of reaction did you get at first from your church, family, and friends when they saw you in your covering?

When I decided to cover, my husband was more worried about what our family, friends, and church would think. Would they think he was being controlling or making me do it? But surprisingly they were very supportive, and curious about why I was feeling led to do this.

When my family first found out, how did I respond? With a biblical stance, my personal feelings, and the research I had found. As long as I have been covering now, I am still sometimes taken aback by questions and realize I need to ensure my strength in response to those around me.

5) In hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently, and why?

In hindsight, I don’t think I would have done anything differently, except to be more confident in the decision when people questioned me. I feel it’s important to be strong in my biblical views.

6) When do you use your covering?

I use my head covering every time I leave my house, even though I feel that I should mainly cover for church. We are told to be in constant prayer, so if I cover all the time it is another representation of love for my Father, and respect for my spiritual order.

7) What counsel can you give to women that do not cover out of fear?

Don’t be afraid. Do the research, and have discussions with your family and spouse. Pray hard for discernment, and ensure you are doing it for the right reasons. Don’t be afraid of judgment. I feel we are already being judged as Christians anyway. We need to be equipped ahead of time.

8) What would you say is the best and the most difficult aspect of head covering?

I like not having to worry about my hair. The difficult part of head covering is ensuring I am prepared to have one in case I have to run out of the house in a hurry. I started putting one in my purse and I felt a sense of peace when I put it on.

9) What kind of coverings do you use? Where did you get them?

I use scarves, actual head coverings, and bandanas. My husband and I have purchased from Cassie’s Corner Shop (on Etsy) and Garlands of Grace.

10) Are there any practical head covering tips you have found useful that you would like to share with other ladies?

Don’t complicate it. Even a simple ponytail or braid with a covering wrapped is still a wonderful representation of your heavenly order. I try to ensure I don’t make it a chore.

It might sound odd, but before I covered, I would color my hair, worry about my hairstyles, and almost make it such a big ordeal. Now that I am not distracted by that, I feel like I am spending more time glorifying my Father and keeping my hair for my husband.

11) How did you hear about the Head Covering Movement?

During research from YouTube videos and through the book Head Covering: A Forgotten Christian Practice for Modern Times.

Would you like to share your story of how you came to believe in head covering? Tell us about it here.
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