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Are Appropriate Hair Lengths Dictated by Culture?

Head Covering Objections
The Objection: Appropriate hair lengths are dictated by culture, not nature. In many cultures long hair on men is normative such as the Native American Indians. When Paul mentioned ‘nature’ he was appealing to their cultural perception of what was right to them.

One objection to calling long hair unnatural for men is the fact that in many cultures it isn’t seen as offensive. One example often cited is the Native American Indians in which many men wore their hair long. If in some cultures it’s acceptable for men to wear long hair, how can we say nature teaches the opposite?

Right In Their Own Eyes

First it’s important to establish that just because a culture embraces something does not make it right. A good example are the Mosuo people of China where the heads of their households are women. Though they probably see this as right in their own eyes, it is not how God designed it to be. It is the opposite of God’s created order (1 Cor 11:3).

Was Long Hair on Men Shameful?

Another misconception is a wrong view of Paul’s own culture. Since Paul called long hair on men “dishonorable” (1 Cor 11:14) those who advocate a cultural view of hair lengths assume that long hair on men would have been seen as shameful. The problem with this view is that solid literary evidence suggests otherwise. Read more

Covering Testimony: Tasha Cantrell

Head Covering Testimonies
Name: Tasha CantrellAge: 31Location: Durant, OKStarted Covering: October 2013

Covering Testimony: Tasha Cantrell

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Tasha.  I have been married to an amazing man of God for 12 ½ years.  We have 2 beautiful children, ages 5 and 8.  My husband has pastored a church out of our garage for almost 1 year now.  I work full time outside of the home right now but would love to be able to stay home and homeschool my children one day.  On top of pastoring, my husband owns his own business.  This is has been a blessing that enables him the freedom to lead and care for his congregation as well as spend lots of family time with me and the kids.  I have served God all of my adult life but have only truly sought Him out with every bit of my being for about the last 5 ½ years.  He has begun to do a great work in me which has included lots of molding and shaping.  Praise the Lord!

2) Where do you attend church? Tell us a little bit about it.

About a year ago, my husband answered the call to pastor his own church.  We now hold church in our garage 3 times a week and are growing rapidly.  We are currently trying to purchase some land to begin the next step of faith on this journey. Read more

Watchman Nee Quote Image #2

Watchman Nee Quote Image #2

Source: Watchman Nee – Love One Another (Christian Fellowship Publishers, 1975) Page 86-87

The Dangers of Reactive Theology: A Word to those with a Bad Head Covering Experience

The Dangers of Reactive Theology: A Word to those with a Bad Head Covering Experience

I listen to a lot of music and for me it’s one of those things that are most connected to specific events in my life. Certain songs or albums recall vivid moments from my past. One song reminds me of a high school dance, another reminds me of my wedding day while another recalls living in a certain place. I’m sure you’ve experienced this too where you hear a certain song and you’re instantly taking a trip down memory lane. This extends beyond music too as your mind can connect almost anything to past events that will open the floodgates of memories when you think of it. Your particular object then becomes symbolic of a past time or event. This is wonderful if it’s connected to a good memory, but not all are.

Growing in Grace

Though head covering is now a minority view, certain groups have continued this practice to this day. Unfortunately, many of these groups hold to heretical teachings and/or are legalistic. When one is a part of these bad churches, head covering often is seen as one of the things that separate them from other churches. It becomes a distinction of that particular church/movement and becomes closely associated with it in ones mind. Read more

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Hey everyone, Jeremy from HCM here. Just wanted to give you all a quick update since it’s been a month since I last posted. As of January 1st we moved into our new home and today we finally got internet access back! Lord willing, one week from today we’ll start back with regular posting again. Thanks for your patience during this transition time.

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