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The Joy of a Clear Conscience: Head Covering, Bikinis, and Modesty

In this video Elizabeth McGee shares about the joy of having a clear conscience. In it she shares an example about bathing suits to help you see that there’s freedom in following the Lord’s commands (in headcovering and everything else).

  • Janet

    Praise the Lord! How important it is to follow our Lord’s words. So many want to follow cultural standards instead of God’s Holy Word. I would recommend reading Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America by Jeff Pollard to further clarify modesty . It presents a challenge to really live modestly through Scriptural advice. Everything we do must be to the honor and glory of God–from head to foot. Thank you for your testimony. May you grow in grace and knowledge.

    • Nick Ch

      Pollard’s book is his own twisted view, and is not based on Scripture. He states that “Bathsheba failed to govern her modesty.” This is no where to be found in Scripture. No where does it state Bathsheba was anywhere she should not have been, doing anything she should not have been doing, despite being completely nude, and visible to David. David’s sin is entirely his own, yet Pollard attempts to shift some of the blame to Bathsheba. He is adding to Scripture from his own worldview.

      • Rachel Smith

        Agreed. It’s normal to be nude in order to bathe, it’s why it’s not immodest to nude in a women’s shower room at the gym. While many of us prefer privacy in order to protect our bodies from inconsiderate women who bring boys in without making them cover their eyes and of course there are women who enjoy looking, it’s not a woman’s sin to be changing clothes or washing in what is meant to be a private space for that purpose. Now if a man hid a camera in your bedroom to see you undressed it would not be your sin, and that’s essentially what David did to Bathsheba by spying from above.

  • Cody Goldsbury

    How can it be wrong for Christian men to wear hats when it’s a requirement at the Wailing Wall for Jewish men to wear hats? Aren’t both worshiping and praying to the same God on holy ground?

    • Hi Cody, that requirement (assuming it is one) would be a cultural / historical requirement. Jews are not required by the Scriptures to wear anything on their heads. I think it’s also important to clarify that no one (including Jews) can worship God apart from Jesus. For the Scriptures say “No one who denies the Son has the Father.” (1 John 2:23) and Jesus said “No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) So a Judaism which rejects the Messiah, is not worshipping God.

      You might find this article interesting:

      • Cody Goldsbury

        Neither are they commanded not to; though I’m pretty sure that Romans 11 says that all Israel will be saved and I doubt that just because they will all be Christians they will all stop being Jews or give up Jewish practice and tradition. Looking at the Messianic Jews, they affirm head covering for men as a sign of submission and obedience in keeping God’s commandments; yet they also hold 1 Corinthians 11 in high esteem. It’s an interesting tension that’s worth looking into.

  • Dani Sturms

    Does having your chest and stomach covered really make a one piece bathing suit modest? I was raised being told that it was okay to wear one pieces. But as I got older I struggled with not understanding why it was okay. God called us to dress modestly. I just can’t see how any bathing suit is modest unless it covers my thighs, back, and shoulders. These are my thoughts, not trying to offend anyone. Have a great day!

    • Cody Goldsbury

      It depends on who you ask. A Brazilian woman might say that being that covered up would be being overdressed; a Middle Eastern woman might say that’s not nearly modest enough.

    • Chantelle Monroe

      Dani, There are degrees of modesty. It’s not just about being covered, loose fabric is more modest than tight. A one piece bathing suit is more modest than a bikini, but you are still putting on a show at the beach or pool either way. In general most people are at their most modest at their place of worship and least modest in a public swim venue. There is a time and a place… for altered wardrobes.

      • Cody Goldsbury

        Degrees of modesty? Never heard of such a teaching. Either you’re modest or you’re not, it you’re modest, then there’s no need to qualify “how modest” you are. And if you’re immodest, then there’s isn’t a single degree of modesty. The most modest clothes you can find are hijabs, burkas, and burkinis, they’ll stick out here in the states where modesty isn’t so demanding, but it’s a small price to pay being godly. Perhaps that’s why religious subgroups dress and act the way they do. Might as well go whole hog, as they say. (Apologies for the mixed metaphor, no offense intended.)

    • Rachel Smith

      Dani, unless I’m swimming at home with my husband (we do not yet have children) I swim in swim leggings with a skirt attached (you can find these on or through the land’s end catalog) along with a bikini top for support of my chest and then a rashguard over it (it’s like a uv-protecting shirt that surfers often wear.) Because so many people worry about sun exposure any more and I’m a cancer survivor, most people assume I’m wearing this in order to not burn, so I don’t get many funny looks.

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