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Covering the Web: July 31/15

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • Communion, Baptism and Headcovering (The Christian Journey)
      “What a joy and peace we can have as we simply practice these things in their simplicity and therefore enter into over 2000 years of Church history that practices these same symbols.”
    • Covenant Cloth (Thinking)
      “Every passage of God’s word to us demands obedience and action. If our explanation means no response is required of us, we have misread God’s word. The fundamental meaning of the headcovering passage in 1 Cor. 11 is that women should show they are under the authority of their covenantal head, publicly and objectively. “
    • Steve Anderson and Long Hair as the Head Covering (Reformed Christian Theology)
      “Anderson warns, “Whenever someone cannot prove something from an English Bible, then it is wrong.” So, I will disprove Anderson without digging into the languages.”
    • Quotes from the 1600’s on Why Women Should Wear Headcoverings (The Cross Is All We Need)
      Anna has compiled 6 different quotes from the 1600’s on Christian headcovering.
    • Headcovering: Now More Than Ever (The Voice of One Crying Out In Suburbia)
      “…the covering is a subversive statement today, a counter-cultural act that quietly witnesses to and stands in defiance of the prevailing culture…Sometimes the ancient practices are the best response to the modern errors.”
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Sara June Thompson

I particularly liked the last article. The Lord has been speaking to me about similar things. As the culture continues headlong into approving of homosexuality and transgernder perversion, of the blurring of the differences between the genders, the act of a woman covering her head (and for many of us also usually wearing skirts) speaks the opposite. “Male and female created He them”.


1 Corinthians 11:15-16, “But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering. But if any man seem to be contentious, WE HAVE NO SUCH CUSTOM, neither the churches of God.”


What part of NO SUCH CUSTOM Of wearing a head covering do you not understand?

Why not just become muslims, put a woman in a hijab, niqab or better yet keep her covered in a burka?

Jeremy Gardiner

The verse doesn’t say “of wearing a head covering”. The no such custom is in reference to women praying uncovered (taken from verse 13 which is the closest antecedent). That’s explained more in the video.

While many cultures and religions use head coverings for various reasons, the practice outlined in 1 Corinthians 11 is uniquely Christian. In fact, that was given to the church 600 years before Islam became a religion.

Christian Filbrun

Steinbeck, Do i understand you to somehow be suggesting that Paul spent the time and effort to teach and promote the practice of the headship veiling and its reasons/basis, then is turning around and saying that he doesn’t practice it and neither do the churches? Seems awfully incongruent with Paul’s intelligence, his efforts, and everything he’d just specifically taught to DO. I mean this more politely than it may seem, but your suggestion (if i understand you correctly) is a logical fail, as well as bad eisigesis. I would encourage you to watch the video if you have a couple minutes. It may be well worth your time.

Jamie Carter

I just don’t buy the ‘subversive counter-cultural statement’ idea. If you were to ask random people what they symbol of women wearing anything on their head is for Islam, they might guess right. But ask again in a Christian context and most people will be confused by it. It’s only a subversive statement if people understand the message that is being sent by the symbol. If nobody gets it, then no message is being sent. To the world, a hat is just a hat, and a scarf is just a scarf. Nothing more and nothing less. I think you’re going to have a hard time convincing people that women wearing a hat is a statement against homosexuality and transgender identity. I was just looking at the Red Hat Society, they aren’t about Christian teachings but they are about having fun and they seem to be doing very well at it.

Christian Filbrun

“It’s only a subversive statement if people understand the message that is being sent by the symbol.” A valid point, Jamie! And all the more reason not only to educate a culture that has been deviated in teaching away from recognizing the purpose of the headship veiling, but it’s also a compelling reason to encourage sisters to wear a covering that is obviously not simply an accessory in contemporary culture, but for a specific counter-cultural purpose. Thank you for helping to clarify that!

Sara June Thompson

But it is a statement. Yes, we need to do a better job of explaining as opportunities present. But so powerful.

Sara June Thompson

I loved how the writer explained that in our day of gender confusion that this sends a clear message that we are male and female. I copies and pasted, but well worth reading again. A covering is more than just an external sign of a submissive heart, although it is not less than that, The covering is also a quiet act of subversion against the culture that tells us that gender, like race, is whatever you want it to be, whatever you feel like at that moment. The covering reminds us that God intentionally made man and He intentionally made woman, He made them in a specific way and order and He made them to be distinct, interdependent and complementary. The two genders and how God designed them to relate with one another is integral to God’s design for humanity and even for His plan of salvation. When we read the opening of the Gospel according to Matthew we see the genealogy of Jesus Christ, generation after generation. When we see the curse in Genesis 3 we also see the promise that would be fulfilled in Christ Jesus through the seed of the woman. When we see the promise to Abraham we know that it is fulfilled in the children of the union between man and woman. The covering is a critical, external symbol of recognition of the pivotal place of gender. Absolutely the heart is even more critical in this equation but you simply cannot negate the external sign commanded in Scripture, just as Christians are called to actually be baptized in water as an external sign of an inward reality.

As I said, the covering is a subversive statement today, a counter-cultural act that quietly witnesses to and stands in defiance of the prevailing culture. The culture says “be whatever you want to be, feel free to mutilate the canvas of your flesh”. The cover says “I am a daughter of the Most High, made as a woman in His image and by His design and for His glory”. The culture says “Men and women are indistinguishable and interchangeable” , the covering says “I am unique and irreplaceable as a woman and I have no desire to be a man”. A woman with a covered head leaves no doubt as to the nature of men and women and her embrace of how God has made her. A husband blessed to have a wife at his side with a covering is a witness to the complementary nature of the genders and a recognition of his own incompleteness apart from his spouse. I don’t want a woman who looks and acts like a man, I want a woman who is “a helper fit for him” (Gen 2:18).

The culture wars are over and the religious right lost. The casual immorality and confusion we see all around us speaks this truth loud and clear. Now is the time for the quiet way of the cross, a way that does not shout or seek power but also does not seek to hide or accommodate. Rather than seeking to blend in through capitulation or fighting for the last vestiges of political coercive power, we instead can follow a third way of quiet subversion via witness. The covering is an ancient symbol but one that carries with it powerful ramifications and a similarly powerful witness without saying a word. It says to the world that no matter what the nonsensical, ignorant chattering heads on The View or the writers of Peoplemagazine have to say, God has already spoken definitively on the question of men and women.

Sometimes the ancient practices are the best response to the modern errors.

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