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Covering the Web: Sept 22/15

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • Should women wear head coverings? (Dominic Bnonn)
      “I’m going to venture some comments on this recent article by Benjamin L. Merkle at the Gospel Coalition…I’m simply going  to quote what I take to be Merkle’s central points, and illustrate how badly exegeted and/or reasoned they are.”
    • Swing And A Miss (The Voice of One Crying Out In Suburbia)
      “The genesis of [Benjamin Merkle’s] essay is the very real problem posed to complementarians…why passages like 1 Timothy 2:13-14 are universal and binding but the church doesn’t teach that women should wear a covering”
    • The Recovery of Headcovering Practice (1 Cor 11) Uplifts And Furthers Complementarianism (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
      “…I came to be convicted more and more that the recovery of Headcovering practice uplifts and even furthers our complementarianism itself.”
    • New Yorkers Less Receptive to Gospel of Jesus Christ 14 Years After 9/11, Says Mennonite Missionary (Christian Post)
      “Members of the church, donned in conservative wear with women sporting head coverings, said they’ll keep visiting each 9/11, despite declining interest in their tracts and religious information.”
    • Long Hair IS NOT the Head Covering! (Reformed Christian Theology)
      “the fact that the proponents of dumping head covering don’t actually believe in enforcing long hair is proof that none of them really believe long hair is the covering. So, they have no choice but to change their reasoning to either “historical context” or accusations of legalism.”
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