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Covering the Web: April 2/16

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • History of the Anabaptist Head Covering (Another Radical Reformation)
      “Wearing the head covering for praying women is a good thing; but the elevation of it, the extra commandments we’ve added, and the idolatry we’ve been allowing, needs to be repented of. “
    • Why I Love To Wear A Head Covering (Bruderhof)
      “I’ve lost track of how many times my clothing and head covering have given me opportunities to tell others about the reason for the hope that I have, to witness to just how much I love Jesus. That’s one of the blessings of dressing differently.”
    • Barber refuses to cut transgender Army veteran’s hair, citing religious views (The Washington Post)
      “Oliver asked for the same cut. Yet the owner of the barbershop turned Oliver away..he told CBS News in Los Angeles that his religion forbids cutting women’s hair. “The Bible teaches us that a woman’s hair is given to her for her glory, and I would not want to take away any of her glory from her.”
    • Tichel Tying on a Budget (Radical Christian Woman)
      “Head Covering on a budget? Love Wrapunzel but can’t afford a gripper or volumizer? Here are some workarounds to tichel tying on a budget.”
    • The Irrationality of Ralph Woodrow’s View of Christian Head Covering (Reformed Christian Theology)
      “Never mind that Chrysostom, Tertullian and other men who actually read Koine Greek fluently understood that the Apostle Paul was commanding women to cover their heads, and men to uncover theirs, during praying and prophesying. We have evangelists such as Ralph Woodrow telling us that everyone for 1900 years had it all wrong.”
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