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Covering the Web: May 29/15

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • Covered by the Lord (Jessica White)
      “I’m going to be brave and admit something to you. Since November of 2009, I have worn a headcovering whenever I pray or ask the Lord for or share a prophetic word.”
    • Why is headcovering so hard? (Truth at Home)
      “I’m not going to address challenges other people might have with headcovering, here. I’m simply going to talk about my own experiences.” Also view the companion article “Straightening.”
    • A Letter to Todd Friel About Head Coverings (Reformed Christian Theology)
      “Hey Todd, love the show. My Wretched TV membership is money well spent and my wife and I greatly profit from your teaching. It is for this reason it pains me to disagree with your comments in Episode 1562 about “head coverings” being something that is merely “cultural.””
    • Christian Woman Headcovering Tichel Tutorial (Super Radical Christian Writer Chick)
      “This video will save you $$ and your head covering won’t slip off…ever. I have six children so I do a lot of jumping, bending, playing and it doesn’t slip off.”
    • A word of gratitude and encouragement for my fellow Indian head-covering sisters (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
      “When I read the kind response from Brother Zac Poonen, a leader of Christian Fellowship Church, Bangalore, the tears rolled down and I could not stop praising God for His wonderful arrangement.”
Found an interesting link about head covering or biblical manhood/womanhood? Tell us about it here.


Jamie Carter


This is the Wretched video to which the third link refers. I would have taken him to task over the consistent use of women/men as opposed to wives/husbands – it makes it sound as if God designed Complementarianism around the concept that all women are to submit to all men. Which gets very unclear given the 40:60 ratio of men to women who are regular attenders at church and that single individuals now hold a slight majority over married couples. I guess head covering being clearly taught is far more important.

Sara June Thompson

Great articles. Yes, my dh has taken a few missions trips to India and the women practice head covering there. It would be sad if exposure to western Christians discouraged them from continuing. Love the article about head covering being hard. It is a reminder to live up to what we believe, and people can easily see it. Glad to see there was an article from a charismatic Christian who was led by God to start covering several years ago. Head covering is expanding throughout all kinds of denominations and countries and cultural groups. Praise God!

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