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Covering the Web: Nov 10/15

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • Is Headcovering Divisive? (Truth at Home)
      “Headcovering, though it can be divisive, doesn’t have to be. Among mature Christians, it can be a wonderful, beautiful opportunity to encourage each other in our walk with God. Those who have already started to cover, or who have been covering now for awhile, can testify to the fact that headcovering has so many benefits in the Christian woman’s life! In that case, how can we not want to tell other ladies about it!”
    • The church in the funeral home – and veiled women (Kathryn Judson)
      “Following is an excerpt from Decidedly Not Official pulled out specifically for my friends in the head covering resurgence. It’s very much a side issue as far as the book’s main story is concerned, but it was fun to weave it into the tale. (And, yes, for what it’s worth, I wear a head covering.)”
    • Are Head Coverings Really for Today? (Evangelical Focus)
      “It is hard to imagine but since the 1960s the Church almost entirely practiced [head covering]. The influence of secular reasoning, feminism and liberal theology have led to the questioning and, ultimately, the casting aside of this practice in the Church at large in the evangelical world.”
    • People’s Reactions to my Christian Head Covering (And Why God’s Opinion Matters More) (YouTube)
      “I know very well from experience that taking the plunge into Christian head covering can be daunting. There is a great deal of fear surrounding the head covering, because we are worried about people’s reactions and the treatment we will receive. However, we have to remember who it is that we are serving.”
    • Why Do You Wear A Headcovering? (Radical Femininty)
      “For many years I wore the headcovering because my mother did, the ladies in our fellowship did, and the ladies in the community (ex-Amish/Mennonite) did. Positive peer pressure! But as I grew older, it was time to make a personal decision and answer the question for myself …”
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J’ai prié et je n’ai pas reçu la conviction (de mettre le voile)

I Prayed About it (And I Don't Feel Convicted to Cover)

Il y a quelques années, j’ai lu une lettre d’un adolescent chrétien qui révélait avoir été physiquement trop proche de sa petite amie. Il disait qu’il avait sincèrement lutté pour savoir si oui ou non cela était permis, et il avait finalement décidé de prier à ce propos. Comme Gédéon, il avait demandé à Dieu un signe clair, “Seigneur, si elle vient ce soir, je saurais que tu es d’accord que nous ayons des rapports sexuels. Si elle ne vient pas, je saurais que tu es contre.” Plus tard dans la soirée il reçu un appel de sa petite amie qui demandait à passer le voir, le jeune adolescent finit par passer la nuit avec elle, en croyant qu’il en avait reçu la permission suite à sa prière. C’est un exemple extrème (mais réel) de ce que beaucoup d’entre nous utilisent comme méthode pour déterminer la volonté de Dieu sur telle ou telle question. Dans cet article j’aimerais montrer pourquoi il faut éviter de fonder nos décisions uniquement sur la prière, si l’Écriture nous donne déjà une direction claire et des instructions précises.
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I Prayed About it (And I Don't Feel Convicted to Cover)





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John Cotton Quote Image

John Cotton Quote Image

Source: John Cotton – The True Constitiution of a Particular Visible Church (page 8)

Why I’ve Chosen To Wear a Head Covering (Almost) All The Time…

Why I’ve Chosen To Wear a Head Covering (Almost) All The Time...

[Guest Author: This article was written by Amanda Gardiner. If you’re interested in guest writing for the Head Covering Movement please contact us.]

Amanda Gardiner

Amanda Gardiner is married to Jeremy, the founder of the Head Covering Movement. She’s the proud mama of four little chickens (two chickadee girls and two rooster boys). She is passionate about biblical manhood and womanhood and the importance of headcoverings in maintaining that belief in our fallen world. She’s a health nut, singer, homeschool teacher and sells Norwex on the side 🙂 On any given day you might catch her watching Magic School Bus with her chickens, baking some kind of healthy treat or leaving the library with two more bags of books.

Ladies, I’m not sure how to describe my feelings about writing this. My heart is on my sleeve here (or rather, on top of my head) so please bare with me as I attempt to get my scattered thoughts down on paper. I’m no writer….unless you count one sentence Facebook posts about my kids “writing” and I’m no theologian either so I hope this comes across coherently.

Before I begin, let me start by saying that I believe that head covering is required for local church gatherings, not all the time. If you are unsure of what to make of this I recommend this article. The reasons why I now wear my covering more often are NOT based on new Scriptural discoveries, the convincing witness of church history, or the request of my husband. Nope. They are almost all “feels”. I FEEL this way. It makes me THINK such and such. etc. This means that this article is NOT meant to be ammo for you ladies to use against your reluctant husbands ( of course none of you are here looking for that….right?) or to convince your nay sayin’ bff how wrong she is. This is MY thoughts lived out in MY life. I hope it provides clarity into the mind of someone like me.

So here are three reasons why I’ve chosen to wear a head covering (mostly) full time: Read more

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