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The Practice of Headcoverings in the New Testament Church (Sermon)

Head Covering Sermons

Preacher: William O. Einwechter | Sermon Length: 1hr 10min (+15min of Q&A)  | Year preached: Sept 27, 2015

William O. Einwechter

William O. Einwechter is a teaching elder at Immanuel Free Reformed Church. He is a graduate of Washington Bible College (B.A.) and Capital Bible Seminary (Th.M.) and was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1982. He is the vice president of the National Reform Association and editor of the periodical “The Christian Statesman.” He is the author of “Ethics and God’s Law” and “English Bible Translations: By What Standard?” and editor of the book “Explicitly Christian Politics.” His writings have appeared in “The Christian Statesman,” “Chalcedon Report,” and “Patriarch.” He and his wife Linda are the parents of 10 children.

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Editors note: This is a fantastic sermon. Very helpful info. Highly recommended.


Deborah F.

This was a fantastic and thorough sermon, which solidified my resolve to practice head covering. He brought up, however, the folly (so to speak) of a church to “leave it to a Christian’s conscience” – my church does not practice head covering as a whole, and it has been “left up to my conscience” to practice it. My assumption is that he meant when the church’s leadership views this passage as an apostolic command, they should embrace it by requiring the women who worship there to wear one (which I am in agreeance with). But, a question was raised within me, considering when the opposite view is in sight, where a church leadership is not convicted that the passage is transcultural or which views the hair to be a sufficient covering, are those of us that do cover disrupting the unity of the church by doing something contrary to the church’s practice? I would have loved to hear that scenerio considered since it’s been expressed (to me, by my own leadership), that my wearing one does disrupt the unity as I have “brought something different into the worship practices of the church”, yet, I am told, if my conscience urges me to wear one, then I should – needless to say, I am thankful for that. I know it boils down to obeying God’s Word rather than the government of any local church, still it’s difficult to be alone in such a way.

Jeremy Gardiner

Hey @disqus_1cCuGgsJlO:disqus, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I believe William is speaking about when the leadership are convinced it’s a command.

With regards to disrupting the unity, I think if the leadership allows freedom of conscience as you said then the unity is not disrupted. All congregations unite around certain beliefs and give flexibility in others. If the church leadership banned headcoverings for women, I’d encourage a women not to wear one in that instance. Having said that, that would also be a big warning sign that the church is likely not healthy. I think if given a choice, women who are convinced of this practice should be either a church that practices headcovering or in one that allows freedom of conscience.

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