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Covering Testimony: Erin Burnett

Head Covering Testimonies
Name: Erin BurnettAge: 16Location: Belfast, United KingdomStarted Covering: June 2014

Erin Burnett

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

I am a grammar school student from Northern Ireland. I grew up in a loving Christian home, but my conceptions of gender roles were skewed by the liberal church that we attended (ordained women, pro-choice etc). I never read the Bible but acted in a very self-righteous manner. God began to act in my life and I suddenly desired to read the scriptures for myself. That is when I was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. Over time I realised that I could not stay in the church I grew up in because I did not feel that the Bible was given the correct authority. My parents gave me permission to leave when I turned 16 – they do not agree with me but they have been great in not letting it affect our relationship. These days my free time is mostly devoted to exam preparation, but in my free time I enjoy reading and writing Christian fiction. I also have an interest in the theology of Calvin and the other reformers and I hope to study theology when I leave school. My greatest desire is to become a wife and mother, but who knows what the Lord has in store! Read more

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